Branch transformation is more than just an adjustment to the look and feel of your branches. It’s discovering (or, sometimes remembering) where your institution came from; why you’re different from the guys across the street, and how you can leverage that difference to better serve your clients through your products and solutions—so that you remain competitive in your market.

Oh, and you’ve got to figure all this out before the other guys do. No pressure.

To accomplish all of this, a Branch Transformation involves not only a physical, “oh-wow-this-place-is-amazing” makeover, but a behind-the-scenes technology transformation, too. 

Retail Sets the Bar

Technology is moving fast, and the banking industry has not done well in keeping up with the consumer experience currently offered in the retail world. Retail is consistently setting the bar for how people wish to communicate about, and connect with, products and services. 

Those same consumers bring those same expectations right into your financial institutions every day. 

For you, this mindset requires a shift from the rigid architecture and infrastructure of today’s branches to a thinner, better-connected foundation that’s ready for whatever tomorrow’s innovations may bring. WiFi, Universal Associates (covering the floor with or without tablets), assisted- or self-service kiosks and more open space to encourage people to explore and engage with your products can help improve sales—and create the channel interconnectivity you need for a consistent client experience from mobile to branch.

CFM Knows How to Get You There

How do you accomplish this? Where do you start? Even more simply: How will your core processor handle these new consumer expectations—and yours? 

You start with a team of innovators and developers who specialize in revolutionizing technology for the financial industry; a team with a proven track record, great relationships with core providers, and gigantic brains full of incredible, achievable dreams for future innovations that will further set you apart from your competitors.

At CFM, we are that team. We have the answers to get you from today to tomorrow, with a proven process for discovering and implementing your specific path. We have the operations, design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance resources to get it all done alongside your team—on time and on budget.