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Expedited data connectivity without the headache

Data when and where you need it

Navigating a significant event like mergers, acquisitions, or core conversions? Maximizing efficiency and maintaining security are sure to be your top priorities.

You need a solution that delivers the ultimate in accuracy, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. One you can trust to provide outstanding financial data connectivity that balances performance, speed, and affordability.

Features & Benefits

Experience faster, more affordable solutions without compromising on expertise. Your data stays securely within your network, ensuring peace of mind whether you're connecting or migrating information.

Proven track record

25+ years of experience, implemented data connectivity for 2,000+ FIs, converted thousands of terabytes since the start of our service

Fast, accurate, & affordable

Quick turnaround time, competitively priced, and 100% accuracy of data submitted for conversion

Capable and flexible

Capable of connecting check images, statements, document images and COLD reports easily and seamlessly with customizations when needed


Solutions that fit your specific needs

Unlock your choice of three tailored solutions designed for financial institutions to seamlessly manage legacy or acquired data. Explore data effortlessly with OmniView browser, opt for a complete conversion to a new system, or choose a hybrid approach that suits your unique needs.

OmniView: A one-of-a-kind non­-conversion option to quickly and easily research and print data in a matter of days, thus removing the need for expensive and time-consuming data conversions.

Full Conversion: Strategic conversion of data from system to system without headaches. We provide proven time and cost saving secure features that no one else offers.

Hybrid: There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to conversion. Our hybrid approach allows you to convert the exact way your team needs to.

Expedited Data Connectivity

Converting your data more securely, efficiently and cost-effectively than anyone else in the industry

"Thanks to the OmniData's OmniView Browser, our employees can quickly and easily find archived images and statements because they are consolidated into one system, resulting in significant time and cost savings over traditional data conversions."

Greg Lanigan
Managing Director of Application Development & Support | Talmer Bank and Trust

"OmniView provides significant cost savings over a full conversion into our existing systems, but the largest return by far has been in time savings. Our end users can quickly and easily find archived images and statements because they are in one, simple system, which enables us to respond more quickly to subpoena requests."

Jamie Dreger
Sr Application Administrator | Heartland Financial USA, Inc.

Trusted by 80+ fintechs for secure connectivity to cores.


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