Planning on a merger, acquisition, or core conversion? Connect more securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively than anyone else in the industry with NXTsoft’s OmniData platform: expedited data connectivity without the headache. OmniData enables you to access your data quickly and securely with accuracy that you can trust when your financial institution is involved in a core conversion, legacy data migration or other event. Data never leaves your secure network, so whether you’re connecting or migrating your data, you’ll never compromise security. And with our online project management software, you’ll always know the status of your project.

To best fit your institution, OmniData offers three solutions for legacy or acquired data:

  1. Full Conversion to a new system,
  2. Data availability through our flagship OmniView browser for researching without the need for a full conversion, or
  3. A Hybrid approach that combines the two.

Full Conversion offers the strategic conversion of data from system to system, with proven time- and cost-saving, secure features that no one else offers.

Our OmniView browser is the industry’s only solution to offer a non­-conversion option to quickly and easily research and print data in a matter of days, removing the need for expensive and time-consuming data conversions.

Need a Hybrid solution? We get it – there’s some data you need to convert to your production systems. However, other data that you rarely need can be loaded into a single archive, allowing users across your financial institution easy access utilizing the OmniView browser.

Why choose NXTsoft’s OmniData? Our team has over 25 years’ experience performing financial data connectivity and has successfully implemented and managed data conversions for over 2,000 financial institutions. Our streamlined business model allows us to offer faster, lower cost solutions without sacrificing experience or expertise.

Connect with NXTsoft today to discuss how expedited data connectivity can save you time and money.