Ever been frustrated with how long it took to repair broken banking equipment in your branch? You know, the usual scenario that goes something like this:

Cash recycler breaks down so you call a service tech. Tech gets there and now the machine is magically working. Tech can’t replicate the error or find anything wrong…so big waste of money and time. The next day, the machine breaks down —again— service tech comes out— again. Now, the tech doesn’t have the right part to fix it, so will have to come out — again — for the third time.

When the machine is finally fixed, it’s been several days, cost several trip charges, all the while hurting your branch experience for your clients.

Could the service process be better?  Smarter even?

How innovative would it be if your machine could just send a signal to a technician when it was about to break down or when it needed maintenance?  

While service isn’t exactly the most exciting topic in banking, the newest real-time monitoring technology for Cash Automation machines (i.e. cash recyclers and dispensers) is pretty slick. 

Integration + Servicing Cash Automation Machines = Perfect Match

Software to integrate cash recyclers and dispensers isn’t anything new, but the latest offerings can automate service by directly connecting your machines to service technicians — remotely.

Here’s a look at how the technology works:

Root Cause Analysis = First Time Fix

In the scenario above, the service tech had no idea what the problem was prior to coming out to the branch, resulting in multiple trips. 

Root Cause Analysis is a feature that logs recycler/dispenser machine errors and sends that information to a service technician.  

Now, before a service tech ever sets foot in your branch, they know exactly what happened and what part is needed to fix the problem – eliminating multiple trips! 

Pro-Active Maintenance = Machine Repair BEFORE a Fatal Error

Your cash recycler has been acting up with minor glitches, but still functioning.  You know it’s going to give out soon — kind of like a “Check Engine” light —but not exactly sure when it’s going to happen or what’s causing it.  

Instead of waiting for the machine to completely break, like it usually does during your busiest hour on a Friday, you can have all the small errors automatically sent to a service technician to diagnose what is happening, and if needed, send someone out before it causes a huge inconvenience for staff and clients.

How’s that for making service smart?

Preventative Maintenance = Service Only When You Need it

90% of financial institutions are overpaying for service – specifically when it comes to preventative maintenance.  

Think about it, if your car didn’t have mileage counts – what kind of oil change schedule do you think most car companies would recommend?

They would probably say you need to come in for an oil change every two months – basing it off the one person they’ve seen that drives 3,000 miles in two months.  But without knowing how many miles you drove, you would probably agree and do it.

Thankfully, your car does have mileage counts, so you change the oil based on your real usage. Preventative maintenance for your cash automation machines should be no different. 

Integration software for recyclers and dispensers now tracks real usage, allowing you to schedule preventative maintenance only when the machines hit a certain count.

No more paying for preventative maintenance based on an industry average of the busiest and worst-performing machines – which means big savings on service costs, and healthier machines that break down less often. 

Isn’t it time you say goodbye to costly, bad service and hello to a smarter service strategy instead?