IMM’s eTransaction Automation Gains Momentum with Financial Institutions

IMM, providing eTransaction automation for the modern business enterprise, continues to experience growing demand for its suite of eTransaction automation solutions. IMM very recently added five new institutions to its roster of customers using the company’s eWorkflow technology, with five other institutions selecting its eSignature solution, all on the tails of IMM garnering significant interest in its recently introduced eLoan services.


“Banks and credit unions are heavily relying on our eTransaction automation offerings to both improve the service they deliver as well as standardize their own internal processes,” said Michael Ball, IMM  vice president for markets and strategy. “Applied across the entirety of a business organization, there are no boundaries to how electronic transaction automation can regulate and accelerate any document process to save time and money and boost customer satisfaction.”


IMM’s eSignature, eWorkflow, eTeller and new eLoan services work together to provide banks and credit unions with a totally electronic transaction environment that transforms the business process, elevates compliance initiatives and drives substantial operational efficiency. At the same time, enabling full eTransaction automation gives consumers the fast, convenient banking experience they desire in today’s technology driven world.


eWorkflow is a critical part of the eTransaction automation equation, controlling and enforcing key business processes to occur in accordance with established policies and procedures. For any business application transaction there are productivity gains in utilizing workflow to control the process from eDocument generation through to eSignature to final eArchival in the back office. Allegiance Credit Union (Oklahoma City), BrightStar Credit Union (Sunrise, Fla.), Infinity Federal Credit Union (Westbrook, Maine), Picatinny Federal Credit Union (Dover, N.J.) and Triangle Credit Union (Nashua, N.H.) are the latest financial institutions to move forward with IMM’s automated workflow technology.


Credit unions most recently adding IMM’s eSignature solution include Anoka Hennepin Credit Union (Minneapolis), Mass. Institute of Tech. Federal Credit Union (Cambridge, Mass.), Members United Credit Union (Albany, Ga.), Nebraska Energy Credit Union (Columbus, Neb.), Novation Credit Union (Oakdale, Minn.), Post Office Employees Credit Union (Metairie, La.), Santa Cruz Community Credit Union (Santa Cruz, Calif.) and U.S. Employees Credit Union (Chicago).


About IMM
IMM provides complete eTransaction automation to more than 650 U.S. organizations. The company’s fully integrated eSignature, eWorkflow, eLoan and eTeller solutions make transacting easy and convenient for the consumer while creating a more efficient, cost effective and compliant business environment. Any organization needing to remove paper and create mobility within its contract or transaction management lifecycle can benefit from IMM’s services, including financial services, healthcare, insurance, real estate, life sciences, government, legal and education.