Clients are looking for quicker and more convenient technology. They wanted it yesterday, and they want it with all the bells and whistles. 

Wondering what other financial institutions are doing to meet this current demand? 

We’ve got all the answers for you jam-packed into CFM’S annual Retail Banking Technology Trends Report.  Tech Trends

This year’s data was gathered from 350+ bankers. 

The analysis includes over 37 pages of insights. 

The trends are here in 46 easy-to-scan charts. 

Packed with stats straight from leading bank and credit union execs, get the latest research on:

  • What are the top branch initiatives on financial executives’ minds?
  • What technology is most critical to today’s retail branch strategies?
  • How many cash recyclers are in the average branch?
  • What percentage of transactions does self-service handle in comparison to tellers?
  • How much are others spending on technology?
  • Where are others seeing the most success?
  • How much has technology helped to reduce staffing costs and increase sales?
  • What are the biggest challenges other financial executives face?

 A few of our findings?

Over 98% of financial executives report that technology is helping drive or maintain sales in their branches.   

Financial institutions that have deployed self-service technologies are seeing an increase in sales jump to 50%.   

Want more critical data like this?

Download the report below: