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One connection. Multiple cores.

Digital Connectivity Gateway (formerly OmniConnect Standard API), connects your fintech to the cores you want to be in. Bridge the gap between disparate banking core systems and your fintech with one simplified connection.

Connectivity to 99% of US-based cores

Kinective's Gateway is the premium choice for core connectivity.

• 25+ years of banking industry specific experience and understanding
• Deep-rooted relationships with cores and fintech providers
• Largest offering of core, hardware, and business system integrations on the market
• Commitment to improvement and evolution of products and services
• Gain the ability to say YES! to thousands of financial institutions  
• Turn-key solution for secure, comprehensive, and supported connectivity

Connect your solution to 40+ core banking systems.

Unlock the banking market with turn-key core integrations.

Skip custom development. Get instant access to a huge banking market.

Focus your resources on product enhancements, not connectivity.

Skip building individual APIs, focus on features. Integrate with banking cores via pre-built APIs.

Unleash your solutions to thousands of financial institutions.

Skip the line, integrate now through Kinective one time and gain access to a core’s network of FIs.

Pre-built banking core integrations.

banking cores

banking cores

"We could have attempted to create the connectivity ourselves, but the process would take a lot longer, and our development staff would be tied up building core integrations rather than improving our own product."

Laura Wahl
Director of Enablement & Strategic Partnerships | Abrigo

“Adding Digital Connectivity with Kinective provides yet another solution to help our clients increase their speed-to-market and better serve their customers by changing the way these customers interact with their finances.”

Rich Gagliano
CEO | Dark Matter

“We are excited to be partnering with Kinective. Their core connectivity and data analytics is a great combination for both our organizations.”

Michael Picker
SVP | Integra

Trusted by 80+ fintechs for secure connectivity to cores.


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