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A managed-service partnership of 123 cash recyclers worth raving about.

The Story

OnPoint Community Credit Union is Oregon’s largest credit union with $8.7B in assets, over 448,000 members, and 55 branches. To keep up with rising transaction volumes, the team at OnPoint needed to add more cash automation devices to branches around their service region.


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The Results

Through Kinective’s business intelligence tool, iQ, the OnPoint TCR service team now has complete visibility into OnPoint’s entire fleet of cash recyclers. The OnPoint service team can see actual usage analytics, device health, and proactive service requirements. Service decisions and repairs needed are all based on real data, not human assumption. Fewer errors, more up-time, and savings for resources and cost.

This helps make sure the machines are always up and running. Since deploying iQ, OnPoint has installed 80 new devices, increasing its total fleet to more than 120 devices, each being closely monitored by the iQ system. As OnPoint continues to grow with more branch expansions, the technology remains integral to the success and efficiency of the branches.

Products Used

Branch Workflow

Automate labor-intensive workflows for cash transactions and improve teller productivity.

Data & Analytics

Business intelligence tools to gain visibility into operations, manage credit risk, and comply with reporting requirements.

“Kinective is a great partner and what they commit to will be the very least they will deliver on. We trust them because we know the recommendation will be right for us.”

Tory McVay
Chief Retail Officer | OnPoint Community Credit Union

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OnPoint needed to add more cash automation devices to branches around their service region. However, there was a challenge: keeping a fleet of 50+ machines up and running could lead to tons of service calls, frustrated staff, and less-than-ideal downtimes.

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