Meet Juby Joseph, SVP of Client Experience and Support at NXTsoft. Click below to watch the video!

“I’m Juby Joseph. I oversee Client Experience and Support at NXTsoft. What I like most about NXTsoft is the flexibility and the work-life balance. I get to spend quality time with my kids and at the same time feel like I’m progressing in my career. And the second factor is the people and culture. Everybody is very supportive in the company, starting from the top. If you’re ever in a situation where you need help, you know that there’s somebody out there who will come to your rescue.

What I enjoy most in my role is that my team and I get the opportunity to work with various people and help them and make them happy. And we do that by troubleshooting various different scenarios and situations and arriving at a solution. And that itself is satisfying.”