Fintechs are the future – and so are APIs. So if you’re a fintech, why API with NXTsoft? Here’s why.

  1. To build your own integration in-house, you’ll need to work with the core provider for permission to connect, to negotiate legal matters, revenue sharing, pricing, and more. All that takes time and money. With NXTsoft, it’s already solved.
  2. For an in-house API, you’ll need to hire a developer to write your first connection, or pull one away from your flagship solution. That’s at least $100K upfront, and it’ll take anywhere from 6-18 months to get that product to market. With NXTsoft, keep your developers focused on your product, get low monthly pricing, and get connected to any core in record time thanks to our extensive API Marketplace.
  3. But that’s just the first connection. For every subsequent connection built in-house, that’s another $100K per API. And that timeframe? It doesn’t get any faster.
  4. Then there’s ongoing connectivity management. Time to hire more personnel, because your team will have to install, support, and maintain those connections to keep up with quarterly core updates. And don’t forget about compliance – in a complex arena that’s not your area of expertise. With NXTsoft, we manage all that for you with a low monthly fee paid by the financial institution.
  5. Finally, let’s talk quality. In-house API integration quality is typically the minimum necessary to get the connection in place. With NXTsoft, you get the most cutting-edge technology in the industry from the #1 fintech to financial institution API connector: NXTsoft’s OmniConnect Platform.

So. Bottom line? That’s why you should API with NXTsoft.

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