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CFM+IMM+NXtsoft have joined forces to provide the most open and connected platform for scaling innovation and accelerating transformation efforts. Today more than 2,500 banks and credit unions trust our expanded suite of connectivity solutions.

As we look to connect our customers and team under a shared vision that reflects our mastery in building connected digital experiences, we are excited to announce our new brand and name, Kinective.

The takeaway is simple:CFM+NXTsoft+IMM/eSign have now officially combined into one parent brand and one company called Kinective. We know you may have a lot of questions about what our new brand means for you and your organization, so we wanted to share the answers to the questions we think you’d want answers to.

Read on for what you can expect as we move into the future as Kinective.

1. What is the official company name?

Kinective. We are the force multiplier for accelerating transformation through one connection between fintechs and banking cores. By delivering access to innovation, we help financial institutions break down barriers, unlock new services, and enhance their competitive edge.

2. Why are we changing the company name?

This exciting rebrand unites our three exceptional companies into one powerful force. This move brings together the collective strengths, expertise, and resources of our organizations to create a unified brand that is greater than the sum of its parts.

This rebrand represents a fresh chapter of growth, collaboration, and endless possibilities. Together, we’ll leverage our shared values, complementary capabilities, and diverse perspectives to deliver unparalleled value and drive meaningful impact for our customers, team members, and stakeholders.

3. What is the meaning behind our new name?

The name ‘Kinective’ is derived from connective, the capacity to merge disparate systems into a unified experience.It also reflects the power to drive innovation and generate kinetic energy. Kinective’s mission is to help its customers connect to banking’s future.

4. What solutions does Kinective offer?

Kinective exists to solve banking’s biggest challenges by providing the most open and connected platform to scale innovation faster and allow banks and credit unions to focus on what really matters – providing the best client experience.

Kinective’s family of solutions draws from existing CFM, NXTsoft, and IMM products, which will remain available and supported under their existing brands:

  • API Connectivity: turn-key solutions that securely connect over 80 fintech applications to over 40 cores by compiling pre-built API integrations, empowering purchasing choice and a best-of-breed IT strategy;
  • Teller Workflow: API integrations between core systems and branch hardware that enables real-time transaction processing and improved teller productivity by automating labor-intensive tasks;
  • Document Automation: software that allows financial institutions to manage, enhance, and automate each stage of process workflow, including generation, execution, authentication, approval, and archiving;
  • Data Analytics: solutions that allow financial institutions to gain visibility into their branch operations, manage credit risk, and comply with reporting requirements; and
  • Data Connectivity: migration and archiving solutions that provide data integrity and access, especially around M&A, core conversion, and legacy data migration.

5. Who are Kinective’s solutions for?

Kinective’s solutions are united by a mutual value proposition of driving IT modernization, operating efficiency, and elevated client experiences for financial institutions. Kinective’s solutions create compelling value for all stakeholders in the banking ecosystem, including financial institutions, fintechs, and cores.

  • Financial institutions: Kinective enables banks and credit unions to design a bespoke fintech strategy, tailored to their specific needs and compatible with their existing core, so they can transform at their own pace. Kinective’s workflow products create better employee experiences by automating manual or error-prone processes;
  • Fintechs: Kinective provides fintechs with one, unified connection to more than 40 core banking systems, unlocking access to the entire banking ecosystem and a scaled customer base. With Kinective’s technology, developers can focus on product differentiation, not core integrations; and
  • Cores: Kinective equips cores with seamless integrations to modern fintech solutions, allowing them to meet increasing customer expectations without impeding existing developmental priorities. Kinective helps cores increase stickiness and extend the lifespan as they develop future platforms.

6. What is the new website URL?

We are launching a parent brand website immediately (, but our individual websites (,, and will continue to exist and be the main source for product information at this time.

7. How can I expect to hear from CFM+NXTsoft+IMM/eSign and Kinective moving forward?

Beginning today, you can expect to receive marketing communications from Kinective. Business, corporate, and support emails will still come from their originating CFM+NXTsoft+IMM brands for the near future.

8. What does this change for me if I’m a customer?

For your daily operations, everything remains the same. As we unite our resources, this will mean new product enhancements and updated branding that will be communicated prior to any changes.

9. Does the renaming/rebranding have any impact on existing agreements, invoices or contracts?

No, all existing contracts will be honored. The name change will take effect on agreements, invoices or contracts at a future date.

10. Do I need to take any action regarding my account or services?

In most cases, you will not need to take any action. Your account and services will continue as normal. However, if there are any specific actions required, we will inform you directly and provide clear instructions.

11. Will I still see products labelled CFM, NXTsoft, or IMM/eSign?

Yes, Kinective is the parent brand of each of these companies. That means our brands will still exist during a transition period, but you may now see they are referred to as a Kinective company with a tagline stating “a Kinective company’ beneath the respective company logos. There is no immediate product branding changes during this transition period.

12. Does this brand update mean your email addresses will change?

No, all email addresses will remain the same, so please continue to use existing CFM+NXTsoft+IMM contact information. We will communicate any future changes.

13.  How do I get support for my products?

At this time, our company rebrand does not impact how you reach out to CFM+NXTsoft+IMM/eSign for product information and support. Please continue using the contact numbers, email addresses, and online portals that you have used to submit a support ticket.  We are committed to providing excellent customer support and anticipate even more enhancements to ensure access to prompt and reliable assistance. You can expect regular ongoing communication about any changes that impact you.

14. Will there be any changes to the products/services offered?

Absolutely! Our primary goal in this transformation is to enhance the value we deliver to our clients and provide them with superior solutions, resulting in remarkable outcomes. By becoming Kinective, we will expand the range of products and services we offer. To determine which new products and sevices are right for your organization, we recommend individual consultations, taking into account your core provider, teller application, and other relevant factors.

15. Will there be any changes to product/service features or functionality?

Yes, all positive! At Kinective, we are committed to continuous improvement. Our focus is on elevating the features and functionality of the products and services you currently rely on. We value clear communication, so any changes or updates will be promptly shared with you. Rest assured, if any support or training is necessary, we will provide the assistance you need to make a seamless transition and fully leverage the benefits of our improved solutions.

16. Where can I go if I would like to set up a meeting to discuss how Kinective’s solutions could work for my organization?

It is an honor to provide technology for the people who are changing our world. For additional questions or information, please reach out to us! We can be reached at