Did you miss the Transformation University 101 course? No worries! We’ve got you covered with a recording of the webinar! And if you don’t have time to watch it just yet but are dying to get some info, we’ve included a short recap.

This course, ‘3 Steps for Shifting from Transactional to Advisory‘, focuses on what financial institutions can do to position themselves as trusted advisors in their client’s financial journey, rather than just a means for completing a transaction.

Before moving down the list of steps, a foundation was set by covering the impacts of a bad client experience vs a good one, which service models are working right now and which are not, as well as what the most common practices currently are. Not to give too much away, but… a single bad experience can be detrimental to your brand, the traditional teller-banker model is not cutting it anymore, and the best service model for your branches is the Universal Associate Model. (Woof, quick recap! If you want more info, the webinar goes much more into detail!)

Once the basics were covered, as stated in the title, 3 simple steps were outlined by the instructors of the webinar:

1. Adopting technology that allows for things like remote transactions, assisted- and full-service transactions, and a seamless experience for clients.

2. Modifying the branch design to remove barriers and allow for more associates to move freely and be flexible in servicing clients.

3. Training staff to stop operating as tellers and/or bankers and instead act as a fused role of the two, known as Universal Associates. As well as equipping them with the knowledge needed to operate in their updated branch design and with their new technologies.

>> Watch the webinar recording <<