If you are operating under the Universal Associate (UA) or Universal Banker Model chances are you have a few associates who know how to do more transactions than the average teller. Great. Now, if you’ve checked universal banker off of your to-do list, you are missing out on a giant heap of ROI from your associates. Every banker knows they need some form of the UA Model, but few know how to bring out its full potential.

Achieve More with Less

Branch banking has taken on a lot of changes. While some may still use the traditional model, change is what separates the acquiring from the acquired. That’s why financial institutions are pivoting toward the Universal Associate Model to make the switch to advisory banking, ensuring a better experience for the client and a more profitable interaction by the associate.

Except there’s one problem: adopting this model is challenging. It requires attention to detail, capable technology, open and flexible design builds, proper training, and so much more. It’s not just hiring and training associates to perform more transactions.

To be advisory, associates need to be able to help a client on their schedule. Meaning, if a client comes in looking for more information about investments and wealth management but also needs to get a cashier’s check they can do it all with one associate that can stay with them throughout the entire process. No cold transitions, no appointment setting for next time. Just a connected and smooth client experience that allows for conversation and relationship building. The best associates will know how to turn the conversation and relationship into cross-selling opportunities.

What’s Getting in Your Way

Even if you have the right people in your branch, there are still barriers left to uncover.

  • Frustration with the inability to assist clients with all needs

  • Experiencing long wait times and interruptions in service

  • Client and branch experiences not delivering to full potential

The Next Step to Creating a Super UA

Your associates need the proper space to flourish. Workstation limitations prevent associates from performing multiple tasks while with the customer. You can build the perfect branch and have an experienced staff, but if you don’t have the right technology, you won’t be able to take advantage of the UA Model’s biggest benefits.

To maximize the universal experience in your branch, you’ll need a way to initiate transactions remotely since being able to handle cash transactions seamlessly is a core principle of a true universal strategy. To achieve this, you need a solid core integration and cash recyclers.

To solve this common issue, we created Remote Transaction Assist (RTA), pronounced ree-ta. This CFM innovation uses queuing technology that allows tellers and associates to move throughout the branch and process transactions from just about anywhere. It’s a game-changing tool that drives the future of retail banking. The goal is to allow associates to provide a fluid customer/member experience by making your cash dispensers and recyclers available to all your tellers and associates – from any spot in the branch. Now, whether associates are standing right next to a cash machine, working in an office, or greeting in the lobby, clients can be served from start to finish.

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