NEXT® is a self-service experience that delivers more transaction options to clients and more support to associates than any other self-service technology.

It is deployed at Capitol Credit Union in Austin, TX, to help them achieve an advanced branch strategy that will include, micro branches and universal associates equipped with tablets to provide better service.

  • Handles low-value transactions (Deposit Cash, Cash Withdrawal, Make Change, Deposit Checks, Cash Checks to the Penny, Print Cashier’s Checks, Transfer Funds, Pay Loans & Credit Cards, Bill Breakdown, Print/Email Receipts, View Account Activity, Request Help)
  • Integrates with the core and expands the usability of your cash recycler
  • Allows associates to focus on advisory conversations
  • Offers a bio-authentication option for clients
  • Enables a smooth transition from self-service, assisted-service, or full-service during the same transaction
  • Enhances associate productivity

A client can come into the branch, log into their account and begin a transaction, mid-transaction they realize they want to do something more, and an associate can easily switch the in-progress transaction to their tablet and continue the conversation in a private space. And so much more…

What are the Results? 

Within the first 30 days of launching this solution at one branch with only 6% of membership enrolled…

  •  NEXT® handled 20% of the total member transactions
  • 75% of one associate’s time spent on transactions was shifted to NEXT™
  • Associates can now focus on advisory conversations instead of low-value transactions
  •  Reduced the need for part-time scheduling adjustments to accommodate busier days in the branch

We fully expect these numbers will increase over time as more members enrolled, and the word gets out.

How Do I Get the NEXT™ Big Thing in Banking? 

NEXT® is currently integrated with the Symitar Episys platform but we work with cores daily. Let’s talk about how we can integrate with your core.