Considering the key role archiving and record retention play in a financial institution’s business, a bank or credit union’s imaging system is fundamental to operations. These platforms have become the primary source of record keeping for documents and information critical to an institution, such as loan files, signature cards, account agreements, and the like. Sometimes referred to as content management, document management, or optical systems, these solutions make records more secure and easier to store and retrieve while eliminating paper in the process.

But before these benefits can be realized, the necessary information must first be entered into the system in a readable format. Let’s consider how an eSignature system can naturally feed, with minimal additional effort, into this long-term archival purpose.

Removing the Upfront Hassle of Archiving

Many eSignature solutions don’t place a lot of importance on storing the signed document into an imaging system. With other eSign providers, getting documents into an imaging system requires manual and menial intervention. If the document originated on paper, it must first be scanned. Even if the document is already digitized in electronic format, it needs to be indexed with metadata (keywords, indexes, etc.) to enable proper categorization for future retrieval.

This is where the financial institution-centric design of IMM eSign makes the move into an imaging system more seamless because we understand the important role that imaging and archiving play in the financial ecosystem. Through decades of experience working with banks and credit unions, we have built routines into our software to facilitate the effortless introduction of these forms into a long-term repository.

While processing documents for electronic signing, IMM eSign is also extracting keywords and essential data like account numbers, party names, dates, etc., in anticipation of the archiving step to follow. Each data point is then formatted to match the specific needs of the targeted imaging system.

IMM eSign supports the entire imaging landscape, including:

  • Hyland OnBase
  •  Synergy
  • Fiserv Nautilus
  • Fiserv Director
  • Fiserv Essentials
  •  ApplicationXtender
  •  CenterDoc
  • LaserFich

We interact with many established imaging systems and our technology allows IMM eSign to format the output to any in-house or unique system requirements, ensuring that completed eSignature documents flow smoothly into the desired permanent archive repository.

It’s All Part of the eSign Program

These indexing capabilities are an embedded function of the IMM eSign offering. Our customers enjoy this benefit at no additional cost or investment. Other eSignature providers typically treat such integrations as a custom consulting project, perhaps because they lack the financial services focus on committing sector-specific features into their core product. We have heard from new clients migrating from other eSignature vendors that, despite best efforts, they never managed to get these interfaces to work.

This is just one more example of the importance to FIs of working with an eSignature partner that understands and is solely focused on your business. Partnering with IMM eSign means you are investing in a holistic digital transaction environment from start to finish.