The need to produce a frictionless and awe-inspiring experience is intense in every industry, and banking is no different.

Digitally empowered clients have high expectations, adding pressure to the banking industry—which is already facing stringent compliance regulations. With growing market competition, banks and credit unions are searching for multi-pronged transformation initiatives to optimize their retail spaces.

Strategies such as the universal associate model and size-optimizing branch networks with micro branches have become hot topics with FIs that want to remain agile and competitive by reducing friction in the client experience. But executives struggle to align their retail strategy with the technology because of all the variables getting in the way of a frictionless service experience.

“The fusion of strategy, design, build, technology, integration, and delivery is what makes a truly innovative, successful initiative and what drives our company,” said Nathan Moore, CTO of CFM. “We are focusing on all aspects of the branch experience to drive lasting transformation and relevancy.”

Technology Barriers

  • Security uncertainty
  • Risk analysis
  • Regulation restrictions
  • Core platform limitations

At this crucial juncture, what they need is a trusted partner who can guide them through proper planning and decision making, enabling them to provide their clients with a choice and convenience for every part of the experience.

Aware of this difficult situation, sister companies, DBSI and CFM, created a suite of solutions that fuse together technology, design, people, and process to optimize branch banking and drive an impressive client experience. Together, DBSI+CFM cater to the holistic needs of the industry, ranging from strategy, planning, architecture, design-build, technology development and integration, strategic training, and support.

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