When a client enters a branch there are expectations about how they will be greeted, but are those expectations met? 

Consumers don’t visit branches as often as they used to (before digital banking), but when they do it is important to deliver an exceptional experience. Do your associates stand behind a teller line or a greeter’s desk? An open floor plan and tablet-equipped associates create a personalized experience that makes every client that walks in feel like they really matter. Unfortunately, that’s a rare occurrence in most branches!

86% of consumers will use their branches in the future—and want human interaction when they go there. (Accenture)

When financial institutions were asked about their client’s opinions of them, 73% said their clients would say they know them, however when Celent asked the clients, on 43% agreed.  

Teller lines can mean long wait times for clients, frustration if the teller can’t answer a question or has to leave the client, and cold transitions if the client needs to be directed to another place in the branch. Get on the same page with your clients by breaking the chains of the traditional teller line during your branch transformation.