12 days highlighting best-in-industry solutions and services all from NXTsoft. 

Day One – Cybersecurity Practices 

As the holiday season has kicked off and the New Year is right around the corner, it is important to take a closer look at your cybersecurity practices. Are you protecting your business, municipality, university, or personal information properly? Implementing quality cybersecurity protocols does not have to be difficult. Relying on a series of disparate solutions to secure your company’s most important asset is not enoughGet crystal clear, comprehensive oversight of your data security with NXTsoft’s world-class cybersecurity platform, ThreatAdvice. 


Day Two – Fintech 

Financial technology, known as Fintech is constantly innovating technology that seeks to improve and further automate the use of financial services. Fintech engulfs all new technology relating to the financial industry and processes as well as organizations. Fintech has grown explosively with the use of smartphones bringing mobile banking to life. Fintech will only continue to grow and innovate making it vital for your bank or business to keep up with the trends of financial technology for the future. NXTsoft has over 25 years’ experience connecting Fintech solutions to banks and credit unions. Our innovative connectivity solutions are built on the strongest technology foundation in the industry and are built to the highest industry and regulatory standards. 


Day Three – NXTsoft Fintech Partners 

NXTsoft’s partner network expanses across the United States and the Fintech industry. NXTsoft works with partners to provide best-in-industry connectivity between any disparate Fintech solution helping to accelerate growth and innovation in financial institutions helping to improve back office efficiencies and provide the comprehensive online solutions their customers want and need. Through the partner relationships featured in NXTsoft’s OmniConnect API MarketplaceNXTsoft provides financial institutions with a way to connect to the Fintech solution they need to continue to transform their services now and into the future. 


Day Four – OmniConnect API Marketplace 

NXTsoft’s vendor agnostic OmniConnect Platform, the premier open banking marketplace for all API needs, uses cutting-edge cloud technology to connect Fintech solutions to financial institutions, ensuring that NXTsoft clients have the most secure and reliable integration environment in the industry. OmniConnect provides the access needed to the financial institutions information, removing integration obstacles, and providing a seamless connection between third-party API solutions and financial institutions’ core digital banking, item processing and financial systems. 


Day Five – OmniData 

NXTsoft’s OmniData team has implemented and managed data conversions for over 2,000 financial institutions. Whether it be a merger, acquisition, or core conversion, OmniData will make the process painless. OmniData provides cost saving features for conversions and is the only provider to offer a non-conversion option to allow financial institutions to rapidly access data and remove the need for expensive and time-consuming data conversions. Strategic conversion of data from system to system without the headache is the biggest benefit of NXTsoft’s OmniData solution.  


Day Six – OmniLytics Risk Analytics ALM 

NXTsoft’s OmniLytics Risk Analytics ALM is a proven, well-validated interest rate risk measurement and reporting solution that allows financial institutions to meet regulatory requirements using instrument level data and provides solutions for all sizes and complexities. OmniLytics ALM features instrument level detail, comprehensive report sets, accurate calculations, executive summary and quarterly guidance, service bureau available, deposit decay and beta assumptions, expert advice, cashflow modeling, model validations and SOC 2 type II audit.  NXTsoft’s OmniLytics also umbrellas Stress TestingALM OutsourcedCECL, and Deposit Study. 


Day Seven – IT Services 

NXTsoft provides IT Services that include Managed IT Services, IT Support, IT Consulting, and Compliance Services. Businesses need IT infrastructure to be properly monitored and maintained, as well as a centralized IT support system. Both factors keep IT services from crashing and employees from having to deal with different service providers. NXTsoft also provides IT consulting and compliance so that you can be informed on what your business needs from an IT perspective and so that you are compliant with sensitive data. NXTsoft’s professional IT services will efficiently and cost effectively take care of all your business IT operations. 


Day Eight – Cloud Services 

NXTsoft will help you take control of Cloud Services through solutions that are customized to suit your business needs. Our experts will evaluate your organizations needs and set you up for success in clouds services. NXTsoft provides a range of cloud services including Cloud Computing, Cloud Server, Microsoft Office 365, and Email Protection. Your business will greatly benefit from having tailored cloud solutions that are not overwhelming and are exactly what your organization needs. 


Day Nine – ThreatAdvice Educate 

The importance of educating employees on cybersecurity basics was revealed on the 4th day of NXTsoft. Many people do not realize that employees can be the weakest link in your cybersecurity practices, but simply providing training on cybersecurity basics can turn employees in to your strongest defense against cyber-attacks. ThreatAdivce Educate by NXTsoft is a premium solution that provides micro-learning, cybersecurity courses and testing that is easy for employees to understand and a gamification component that encourages engagement. Management and awareness tools such as phishing and smishing simulations complement the education piece to ensure a comprehensive solution for businesses of all types. 


Day Ten – ThreatAdvice vCISO 

A crucial step your organization can take in cybersecurity practices is hiring a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to oversee data security protocols and implement policies throughout your organization. Don’t have the budget to add another C-suite position? ThreatAdvice virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) by NXTsoft provides an overarching solution to oversee all your data security needs. Your organization’s vCISO dashboard allows seamless, secure communication with your vCISO team and is all in one location. ThreatAdvice vCISO ensures that the proper solutions and protocols are in place so that the likelihood of a cybersecurity event is significantly reduced and does not break the bank. Not to mention, vCISO customers have the benefit of a $500,000 Cyber Warranty should they ever experience a cyber event. 


Day Eleven – OmniTalk FI Podcast 

NXTsoft’s OmniTalk FI Podcast is hosted by NXTsoft Marketing Director, Amy Rice. OmniTalk FI is a podcast focusing on Fintech and how it affects banks and credit unions. Throughout the 17 episodes that are currently in Season One of OmniTalk Fi, Amy Rice interviews professionals inside and outside of NXTsoft on important topics to the Fintech industry. New episodes of OmniTalk FI are posted on youtube.com and nxtsoft.com every other week. Give it a listen today! 


Day Twelve – NXT Up! Live 

NXT Up! Live is NXTsoft’s live video interview series hosted by NXTsoft Creative Media Director, Ben Halbrooks. NXT Up! goes live on Facebook every week and is posted on youtube.com as well as the nxtsoft.com with a full transcript. Ben Halbrooks has held live interviews with a variety of NXTsoft employees on a variety of significant topics ranging from cybersecurity to digital marketing. Tune in to NXT Up! Live to keep up with the latest trends! 

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