T Bank to Elevate Digital Experience Across All Departments and Product Lines with IMM eSign

Rahway, NJ | August 4, 2021

IMM, the only eSignature provider that specializes in digital transaction solutions exclusively for financial institutions, announced that Dallas-based T Bank will be deploying IMM eSign for Banks across all departments for easier and faster document processing, while providing customers with a more convenient and universal eSigning experience. T Bank is a nationally-chartered community bank with more than $532 million in assets and operates under Tectonic Financial, Inc. (Nasdaq: TECTP), a technology-focused financial holding company with approximately $3.7 billion in client assets under management.

“Our goal is to offer the same big-bank delivery of technology, but with small bank service that differentiates us from other institutions,” said Thad Hutcheson, EVP and CIO of T Bank. “Our typical customers are small business or small office commercial customers, and most conduct their banking business online. With IMM, we will be able to leverage the same technology that for years was limited to the larger, top-10 banks of the world. Combining this world-class technology with our dedication to customer service will enable us to get transactions approved and completed much faster.”

Hutcheson continued, “Having the right technology integrated into our systems will allow T Bank to execute approvals, send digital documents end-to-end and accomplish our goals of helping customers open accounts, close and fund loans, as well as other day-to-day requirements much faster than the bigger financial institutions.  We see endless possibilities with the IMM eSign solution.”

T Bank also has many processes and different departments that are part of its bank universe, not only deposit, payroll and loan accounts but also connected verticals including trust, investment advisory, securities brokerage and insurance services to small businesses. “It doesn’t make a lot of sense to have customers sign with one solution over here and sign with a different one over here,” Hutcheson said. “It is just convenient, creating a single channel that everything flows through quickly and conveniently, making it easier to bank with us, open accounts, and finalize deals.”

According to Hutcheson, T Bank chose IMM for several reasons, “One, they only cater to the financial services market, so they understand us really well.” Another positive was IMM offered asset-based pricing, rather than per envelope-based pricing. The value T Bank receives from the pricing structure incentivizes the financial institution to use IMM eSign in as many places as possible. “You’re not being nickel and dimed by all these different individual envelopes.”

Besides the significant added convenience, shorter time in closing loans, and ease in opening accounts or completing documents, the bank expects to save considerably on overnight shipping costs as well. In addition, IMM additionally offers the ability to upload documentation and attachments such as driver’s licenses.

“A considerable amount of IMM’s success comes from our sole emphasis on the financial services industry,” said Michael Ball, Senior Vice President at IMM. “Not only do we understand the unique and specialized requirements for each financial institution, but our expertise and commitment to each customers’ enduring success also enables us to focus on today’s business challenges while anticipating and developing solutions that help ensure future value for our customers. We look forward to working with T Bank as they implement IMM eSign across their enterprise.”

About IMM

For 25 years, IMM has been the premier provider of eSignature and Digital Transaction solutions designed exclusively for financial institutions. Today, more than 1,500 banks and credit unions use IMM’s eSignature and Digital Transaction Management solutions across the Institution to elevate consumer experiences while streamlining back-office processes in a comprehensive, end-to-end digital processing environment.

About T Bank

T Bank is not a traditional big bank lender, but a true financial partner with an entrepreneurial credit philosophy designed with business and practice needs in mind. T Bank offers the best of both worlds: specialized services and innovative solutions to enhance the banking experience, grow businesses and build a solid financial future, all with the unique flexibility and personal attention.