During the pandemic and initial shutdown, eSignature became an essential technology for bridging the gap between financial institutions (FIs) and their consumers. Many quickly adopted a generic eSignature solution with the mindset of “implement first, evaluate later.” While this solved the immediate problem, further issues appeared when institutions discovered this provider has poor customer service, doesn’t fully understand the financial industry and lacks a pricing model that makes sense for FIs.  

With many contract renewals approaching, banks and credit unions have the opportunity to make a more mindful decision on an eSignature partner that better suits their needs. Our new solution brief details the key attributes we have heard from customers and prospects that differentiate IMM eSign from other vendor solutions. These can be summarized in three broad categories: domain expertise, pricing, and customer service. 

Different Industries, Different Requirements

Each industry has its own unique characteristics, especially one as complex and highly regulated as financial services.  IMM eSign is exclusively designed for banks and credit unions; our solution was tailor-made for the financial industry, the only sector we support.  Clients appreciate our in-depth knowledge of their business and the nuances fundamental to their business operations, such as the importance of staying compliant with the ever-changing regulatory environment at both the state and federal levels that impact the financial services industry. 

We also realize that every FI operates differently.  We know from experience that there are nearly as many variations on implementations, data requirements, forms, and workflows as there are banks and credit unions.  Our experience with more than 1,650 FI clients equips us with a robust knowledge base of processes and best practices to optimize virtually any use case and assist institutions in determining their best path forward.  

Aligned Interests = Maximum Benefits

IMM’s solutions and unique pricing are tailored to promote scale, usability, institution-wide adoption, and digital transformation initiatives.  Our subscription model provides an unlimited quantity of annual transactions that can be generated across an unrestricted number of bank or credit union employees.  

We find it counter-intuitive that the “envelope” pricing model prevalent in the marketplace causes FIs to think twice before using eSignatures to its fullest extent.  Clients joining IMM from other providers report this becomes a particularly frustrating issue at the end of a pricing cycle when their bundled allotment nears depletion and further use triggers surcharges.  

IMM consistently achieves a 95% retention rate, a metric nearly unheard of for a software company.  We attribute this success to our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and service.  For instance, our Client Experience Program offers a dedicated team of professionals assigned to nurture day-to-day client relationships and help ensure customers’ ongoing success.  Every client has a dedicated Client Experience Manager, a knowledgeable one-on-one representative who promptly delivers expert, personalized advice and support. 

While IMM may not be the largest eSignature provider in the broader U.S. marketplace, we are the only provider solely focused on the financial services community.  As our clients have told us, “Bigger doesn’t mean better. More details on the IMM difference can be found in our solution brief.