Remote Transaction Assist, or RTA, is once again making waves in the banking world with its recent release to the Corelation Keystone market.

Named one of the Best New Fintech Software Products of the Year in the 2017 Stevie American Business Awards, RTA is a part of CFM’s Transformation Fusion–an interconnected suite of technology, software, and innovation designed to elevate every touchpoint in the client journey and solve many of banking’s biggest market needs.

Leading the way in putting RTA’s power and flexibility to use is Camino Federal Credit Union.

The $138MM credit union located in Southern California is the first Corelation client to add RTA to their CFM product suite. In doing so, Camino FCU is busting down barriers to efficient client experiences. Since RTA’s added flexibility gives staff the freedom to serve members without being directly tied to a cash drawer or cash automation machine, this means members of Camino FCU can say goodbye to long wait times and hello to faster, more personalized service.

Front-line staff lead at Camino FCU, Gabrielle Gomez, shared her take on RTA’s implementation:

“I love the simplicity of RTA; now I don’t have to sign onto a teller station or disrupt a teller to do a cash transaction for a member. Our staff is thrilled that members no longer have to wait, and our members are happy that we can pull them out of line to handle their transactions more efficiently– even if they have cash.”

Interested in increasing efficiency, decreasing costs, and improving the overall client experience in your branches? Let’s connect. RTA is working for Camino FCU. It can work for you, too.