Addressing the challenges of data management, network connectivity, and data security has become a top priority. With over 25 years of industry experience, NXTsoft has been empowering financial institutions with innovative solutions in API connectivity, data security, analytics, and data conversion. Now, NXTsoft, alongside CFM and IMM, is set to embark on an exciting new chapter as it becomes part of Kinective, a dynamic company focused on revolutionizing financial connectivity. 

Why Kinective?  

Kinective is the force multiplier for accelerating transformation through one connection between fintechs and banking cores. The name ‘Kinective’ is derived from connective, the capacity to merge disparate systems into a unified experience. It also reflects the power to drive innovation and generate kinetic energy. Kinective’s mission is to help its customers connect to banking’s future.    

The Trusted Gateway to Success  

With a strong emphasis on industry and regulatory standards, NXTsoft ensures that its solutions are built on the strongest technology foundation available. Whether it’s API connectivity, data security, data analytics, or data conversion, NXTsoft offers comprehensive solutions that empower financial institutions to provide a superior customer experience. 

The OmniConnect Solution: Future-Proof Connectivity 

One of NXTsoft’s flagship offerings is the OmniConnect enterprise open API solution. This powerful platform enables financial institutions to connect seamlessly with third-party integrations, delivering a harmonious ecosystem of connectivity. With OmniConnect, financial institutions can enhance their money movement capabilities, develop native mobile and web applications, streamline loan origination processes, and offer digital banking services, among other possibilities. 

A key advantage of partnering with NXTsoft is the speed and efficiency of implementation. The company prides itself on the ability to connect any application to a core system within a remarkable 90-day timeframe. By leveraging an enterprise open API solution, financial institutions can ensure a consistent and seamless customer experience across various channels, including digital platforms and branch networks. 

Unmatched Connectivity and Integration: The NXTsoft API Marketplace 

Thousands of connections (and growing) between fintech partners’ solutions and the core processing systems used by financial institutions are available on the NXTsoft marketplace. This unparalleled resource allows financial institutions to make informed decisions and embrace new technologies with confidence. 

Enter Kinective: Expanding the Boundaries of Financial Connectivity 

Now, with the merger of NXTsoft, CFM, and IMM, a new era of financial connectivity is set to unfold. Kinective’s vision revolves around empowering clients to embrace banking’s future through effective API connections and comprehensive integrations of fintech solutions. By integrating over 80 fintechs with more than 40 cores, Kinective aims to create an extensive ecosystem that unlocks new services, enhances customer experiences, and facilitates the transformation of businesses. 

Realizing New Outcomes: Unlocking the Full Potential 

Kinective offers financial institutions a range of exciting new outcomes that translate into tangible benefits: 

  1. Access to a Broad Set of Fintech Solutions: Kinective opens the doors to a comprehensive array of fintech solutions, enabling financial institutions to leverage the best features and services available in the market. 
  1. Choice and Flexibility: you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of offerings with Kinective. This flexibility ensures that institutions can adapt to market demands and easily transition to more innovative solutions as they emerge. 
  1. Comprehensive Solutions for Cost Reduction: Kinective’s connected solutions extend beyond the core, automating workflows, reducing errors, automating approval processes, and ensuring the proper archival of agreements. These end-to-end connectivity solutions help financial institutions achieve significant cost reductions. 
  1. Real Assistance and Control: Kinective understands the resource constraints faced by financial institutions. By providing full assistance in statement of work, development, implementation, and support, Kinective becomes the partner that does the work, ensuring optimal speed and outcomes. Moreover, Kinective empowers financial institutions by removing the binds and restrictions of the core, giving them greater control over their transformation journey. 

The union of NXTsoft and Kinective represents a significant milestone in the evolution of financial connectivity. Together, they form a powerful force that empowers financial institutions and fintechs to embrace transformation, break integration barriers, and unlock new service possibilities.  

For additional information regarding NXTsoft’s rebrand to Kinective, please see these FAQ’s. 

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