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Byte Software, founded in 1985 by mortgage professionals, is a leading provider of mortgage software solutions for banks, brokers and credit unions. Their products streamline the processes used by originators and processors, allowing them to focus on generating business and increasing revenues. Byte Software is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CBCInnovis, a leading provider of real estate settlement services and fraud prevention solutions.

Byte Software has a long history in the mortgage industry. They initially catered to mortgage brokers, community banks and credit unions. Over the years they’ve grown to provide mortgage lenders of all sizes the tools they need: document imaging, secondary marketing, web portals, compliance audits, and much more.

NXTsoft is a committed partner with Byte Software to help grow businesses by employing technology and expertise. Byte Software is a valued partner of NXTsoft’s OmniConnect platform.

With more than twenty-five years in the financial services industry, the Omni team has formed business relationships with a number of incredible people and companies.