Accessing data often requires financial institutions, like Simplicity Credit Union in Wisconsin, to break through data siloes to retrieve information inside legacy infrastructure. NXTsoft’s OmniData provides expedited connectivity and enables FIs to access data quickly and securely through any situation requiring the transfer of data.

“OmniData enables you to access your data quickly and securely with accuracy that you can trust when your financial institution is involved in a core conversion, legacy data migration or other event,” said Christopher W. Parks, senior vice president of implementation at the Birmingham, Ala.-based NXTsoft. He added, “Convert data easily and quickly with minimal staff involvement at a lower cost than doing it yourself.”

How OmniData Works

Parks explained NXTsoft’s OmniData solution can assist credit unions and other financial institutions that have legacy image data stored on systems no longer supported, are being told that they are not in compliance because they are running on non-supported hardware and software, or going through a merger or acquisition.

The components of the OmniData platform include OmniPort, a proprietary conversion tool, the MongoDB database, and OmniView, a browser-based research tool. OmniData offers three customizable solutions for legacy or acquired data: 

  • Full conversion of data from system to system. 
  • Data availability through NXTsoft’s flagship OmniView browser for researching without the need for a full conversion. 
  • A hybrid approach that combines the two. Data not needed or data rarely needed to convert to production systems gets loaded into a single archive, allowing users easy access utilizing the OmniView browser when needed.

Parks told Finopotamus, “OmniData’s proprietary conversion tool OmniPort is installed on customer provided hardware or a virtual server, along with a MongoDB database.” Then via a connection to the financial institution’s legacy database (or legacy index files), OmniData extracts check images, image statements, COLD reports, and document index and image data from the legacy system.

“Index info is stored in MongoDB and image files are referenced where the reside, or can be copied to a new location outside of the storage for the legacy system,” said Parks.

Simplicity Credit Union Needed A Simple Data Solution 

The $440 million Marshfield, Wis.-based Simplicity Credit Union relationship with the NXTsoft’s stable of products actually started with CCMC, Inc., a data integration company the Alabama firm acquired in 2019. “Our initial contract with (CCMC) was in 2017. Our initial product was simply one of their bridge products to tie our mortgage product into our core banking product,” said Richard Szabo, vice president of IT for Simplicity Credit Union and its CUSO (credit union service organization) Exclamation Services.

Szabo pointed out NXTsoft was a pioneer in working with core providers such as Jack Henry and Fiserv when many third-party vendors did not have access to primary banking systems. “It was very hard to get data back and forth, whether you were a bank or a credit union, It did not matter. They were the first ones, I remember, who actually did this work.”

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