NXTsoft is excited to welcome
Operartis as a new partner for API connectivity.


According to Operartis, financial transaction data often suffers from quality issues and even with carefully configured rules can’t be reliably matched, leaving a financial institution’s reconciliation team to
manually match thousands or even millions of transactions. Not only is this exhausting, but downstream processes have to wait for teams to complete all this work
reconciliations can be closed out.


Operatis’ solution, Matchimus, utilizing advanced match intelligence with specifically honed
machine learning algorithms,
dramatically reduces a bank or credit union’s
matching workload,  empowering teams to complete
reconciliations faster and with less effort. In case-studies Matchimus typically delivers a
60-90% reduction in manual matching when compared to the market-leading rules engines.  In addition to high match rates, Matchimus maintains a greater than
99.9% accuracy virtually eliminating mismatches and keeping  recs and post-rec processes
NXTsoft is excited to work with Operatis to provide API connectivity between the Matchimus solution and bank and credit union customers’ core systems, making the entire process seamless for the financial institution.