NXTsoft’s API Connectivity as a Service makes operating a credit union easier and more cost effective by utilizing API connectivity to connect systems such as the credit union’s loan platform to its core system, thereby eliminating redundancy, manual labor and reducing human error. NXTsoft is excited to welcome our newest customer Mutual Credit Union, who is using OmniConnect API Connectivity to save time & money.

Chartered April 10th, 1931, Mutual Credit Union is Mississippi’s oldest credit union, and one of the Southeast’s most respected. Offering the complete continuum of consumer financial services,the credit union provides its members with the same level of service as mega-banks for substantially less cost. Whether it’s below mega-bank rates on loans, or the lowest possible fees on share draft (checking) accounts, they advertise that their members regularly get more for their money.

NXTsoft’s OmniConnect API Connectivity as a Service is poised to empower credit unions like Mutual Credit Union to take immediate advantage of composable banking. Composable banking is an approach to the design and delivery of financial services based on the rapid and flexible assembly of independent, best-for-purpose systems empowering agility and flexibility, speed to market, lower total cost of ownership and better customer relationships.

NXTsoft’s expertise is connecting Fintechs and financial institutions to empower credit unions to offer best of breed services to their members.

Check out this video below for more about how NXTsoft can save credit unions time and money using API connectivity.