Birmingham, Ala. April 28, 2022 – NXTsoft, a company focused on delivering Connectivity as a Service to the financial marketspace has announced the initial version of a multistage release of its FinTech API Connectivity as a Service Marketplace ( that enables financial institutions to select from pre-built connectors from up 60+ Fintech companies and 99% of U.S.-based core systems with minimum integration effort. Future versions will focus on both non-core related and end-to-end lifecycle connectivity. 

In this first of many planned releases, financial institutions simply visit, select the core system they are utilizing and view a list of Fintech solutions to which NXTsoft has pre-built lifecycle connectivity. Financial institutions can also select a particular Fintech solution of interest and then receive back a list of core systems of another Fintech component for which NXTsoft has existing connectivity available. Financial institutions can then submit a request for a quote for the cost to connect the two. If a Fintech vendor is not currently listed in NXTsoft’s API Marketplace, because of NXTsoft’s connectivity and relationships to all the major U.S.-based core systems, they can develop the required connectivity faster and at a lower cost than anyone else. 

Using NXTsoft’s pre-built API affords financial institutions significant benefits. Because NXTsoft has 25+ years developing API connectivity, a financial institution can quickly and easily integrate new services with existing solutions, removing the development time and cost burden and enabling the launch of new solutions immediately, providing the advantage of beating competitors to market and meeting customer demands. 

Having these disparate systems connected to each other via NXTsoft’s API Connectivity-as-a Service drastically reduces personnel time and significantly reduces a financial institution’s operating expenses. Utilizing NXTsoft’s API strategy, a financial institution can combine best-of-breed independent components and integrate them so that they work together seamlessly to provide an outstanding customer experience. 

NXTsoft’s Connectivity as a Service maps , implements , maintains , secures and services connectivity between a financial institution and the multiple ancillary components it wants to incorporate. NXTsoft works with an institution’s selected FinTech vendors to ensure that systems transfer data exactly as they should, removing this headache from the financial institution. 

“NXTsoft’s API Marketplace makes it simple for financial institutions to take the most advantage of composable banking,” said Brasfield. “Our customers are unencumbered by legacy technology and can plug-and-play the newest technology that the market demands,” he said. 

About NXTsoft

NXTsoft is headquartered in Birmingham and has offices in Atlanta, Orlando and Denver. NXTsoft is the market leader in secure, comprehensive, and complete workflow API connectivity, connecting fintech companies to banks and credit unions throughout the United States. NXTsoft’s other solutions include data analytics, data management and data migration. NXTsoft’s products and services help businesses secure, connect and optimize their data to maximize revenue opportunities and enhance profitability. For more information visit, email or call 1-800-915-3381.