BIRMINGHAM, Alabama, Oct. 30,  2019 (updated April 2024)
NXTsoft, a company focused on providing secure data-centric offerings announces the immediate availability of an enterprise suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) through its CCMC solution that facilitates application communication for financial systems to securely access and transfer data and process transactions in a cloud hosted environment.

NXTsoft’s CCMC solution offers bidirectional secure APIs to over forty core processing vendors and is the gold standard for financial institutions and FinTech companies seeking to connect their systems. NXTsoft can securely connect any front-end solution that a financial institution wants to utilize to most core processing systems, offering vendors an expedient way to integrate their technology with the financial institutions for which it was designed
NXTsoft’s secure API suite is built utilizing CCMC’s Intelligent Connector Engine (ICE).  ICE has been architected for high-volume, real-time transaction processing, providing data accuracy and lowering latency, ensuring superior quality and performance.  This is achieved by CCMC’s Intelligent Connector Engine scaling to meet network demands. Regardless of the amount of network traffic ICE encounters, users will never have a loss or throttling of service.

“With the immediate availability of our enterprise suite of secure API’s, FinTech vendors and financial institutions can quickly and easily link systems through a secure channel of communication” said Chris Ellis, vice president of development at CCMC, A NXTsoft Solution.
For systems that require communication from within a secured local network, NXTsoft’s CCMC solution offers a simplistic one step installation of their Ground Control software.  Utilizing the industry’s highest quality of standards in security, Ground Control works seamlessly with the ICE engine to bring the full suite of cloud hosted API’s internal to a vendor or financial institution’s network.  Furthermore, Ground Control is agnostic by design, so whether a vendor or financial institution has one or many systems utilizing CCMC’s API suite, the user has a single application to manage their all their products

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NXTsoft focuses on secure data-centric offerings that include data security, data analytics, data management and migration and data connectivity solutions. For more information visit, email or call 1-800-915-3381.

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Chris Ellis, vice president of development, CCMC, A NXTsoft Solution, 800.915.3381,, 407.788.7557 ext. 143