Join me on this week’s episode of OmniTalk FI as we welcome one of NXTsoft’s newest partners, Kasasa! Chris Cohen and Greg Schultz from Kasasa’s Product team give us their views on where the industry is headed, what they’ve learned from the COVID pandemic and share some surprises they’ve encountered so far this year.

Kasasa is an award-winning financial technology and marketing services company that provides reward checking accounts consumers love, the first ever loan with take-backs, and ongoing expert consulting services to community financial institutions.

Kasasa guests on OmniTalk

Chris Cohen developed an intuitive understanding of what drives and differentiates successful community financial institutions during his years in banking mergers and acquisition. As Executive Vice President of Product Management for Kasasa, Chris and his team led the development of Kasasa Loans, which earned Finovate Best of Show in 2018, Finovate Best Lending Platform in 2019, and a Fintech Breakthrough Award for Best Consumer Lending Platform in 2019.

Greg Schultz is a seasoned consumer-centric product manager. In his role as Director of Product Management for Kasasa Loans, Greg focuses development on value enhancement for both Kasasa’s institutional partners and their borrowers by increasing loan functionality, lending transparency, and borrower empowerment.

Want to learn more about NXTsoft and Kasasa’s partnership? Check out the press release here


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