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Highlighting the Best in Banking

Kinective, a leading provider of connectivity, workflow, and analytics software for the banking sector, today announced its inaugural Innovator of the Year Awards winners, recognizing six financial institutions and fintechs who are setting the bar high in the industry, and paving the way for innovation in banking.

The Innovator of the Year Awards were designed to recognize the technology innovations that its clients and fintech partners have achieved throughout the past year. The awards were divided into six categories: Best Operating Efficiency, Best Experience, Best Connectivity, Technology Trailblazer, Freshest Fintech, and Digital Driver. The awards will be presented individually to each of the winners.

Stephen Baker, CEO of Kinective, said, “Since the inception of Kinective, we have had the opportunity to work with more than 2,500 financial institutions that range in size from DeNovo Banks to some of the largest financial institutions across the U. S. as well as some of the most innovative Fintech providers in the industry. This gives us a unique perspective on the banking industry, and we want to recognize and celebrate innovation from these banks, credit unions, and fintechs that are pushing the limit to create better overall customer and members experiences.”

The 2023 Innovator winners are:

Technology Trailblazer: OnPoint Community Credit Union (Portland, Oregon)
The Technology Trailblazer recognizes the financial institution making strides on transforming its branch technology to improve the overall client experience and optimize team efficiency.

Best Operating Efficiency: Arvest Bank (Bentonville, Arkansas)
The Best Operating Efficiency award recognizes the financial institution that cost-efficiently delivers modern or inventive products and services.

The Ultramodern Experience: United Bank of Michigan (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
The Ultramodern Experience award recognizes the financial institution that is creating a seamless client experience by breaking down traditional in-branch barriers through innovative technology and out-of-the-box thinking.

The Unrivaled Employer: Lone Star Credit Union (Dallas, Texas)
The Unrivaled Employer award recognizes the financial institution exemplary in reducing and improving onboarding timeframes, empowering employees through support and job duty consolidation, and creating cultures focused on sales and customer success.

Freshest Fintech: Mahalo Technologies, Inc. (Troy, Michigan)
The Freshest Fintech award recognizes a newer (2-3 years) fintech company on the market who is going above and beyond to empower financial institutions to reach new heights.

Digital Driver: ICE Mortgage Technology (Pleasanton, California)
The Digital Driver award recognizes the fintech company leading the way with excellent service, trailblazing solutions, and consistently reliable technology for clients.

Baker added, “Each of these institutions and fintechs are an exemplary example of what it takes to be best-in-class providers who consistently go above and beyond to pioneer new ideas and drive innovative solutions. The winners are leading the way in transforming their organizations and the lives of the customers and members they serve. Congratulations to each of our winners, they are re-imagining how the financial industry can provide services than not only meet expectations but also exceed them.”

About the Innovator of the Year Awards

The Innovator Awards recognize the inventors, the creators, and the rebels within the banking industry. They are awarded to financial institutions and fintech companies making waves in the industry and challenging the status quo.

About Kinective

Kinective is the most open and connected platform for scaling innovation in the banking industry. The company is the force multiplier for acing transformation through one connection between fintechs and banking cores. This access to innovation helps financial institutions break down barriers, unlock new services, and enhance their competitive edge. For more information about Kinective, visit or connect with the company on LinkedIn.