IMM’s eSignatures Remove Geographical Barriers for Document Signing at Fort Knox FCU

Fort Knox Federal Credit Union (Fort Knox FCU) has significantly boosted loan volume and process efficiency after deploying IMM’s eSignature solution, IMM eSign. The credit union now relies on eSignatures to complete loan origination.


“Having members located all around the world means that signing documents can be challenging,” said Rhonda Hill, lending operations coordinator at Fort Knox FCU. “Not being able to visit a branch meant that we had to have a solution to accommodate every members’ needs, regardless of his or her location. With IMM’s eSignature we have removed geography barriers from the document signing experience. In fact, our loan volume has significantly increased as well as our efficiency since members can sign documents when and where it is convenient for them.”


IMM’s eSignature Solutions have also resulted in more complete document transactions with fewer errors. Credit union employees now spend less time tracking down paper documents and ensuring those received documents have been completed accurately. Offering eSignatures has helped reduce the time it takes for members to return finished documents.


According to Hill, IMM’s eSignatures have absolutely transformed the entire document process. “We recently attended an IMM forms design conference and returned with even more form updates and ideas that we look forward to implementing. IMM’s customer service is incredible, and we believe the company to be a true partner.”


“Moving to an electronic transaction environment dramatically drives down the cost and time associated with conducting business, managing courier services, and cumbersome paper-based processes. Additionally, going paperless enhances security and compliance initiatives,” said John Levy, executive vice president of IMM. “Above all else, eSignatures provide a far superior member experience, ensuring maximum convenience no matter where and when a member needs to sign a document.”


About IMM

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