In a significant development for the financial industry, IMM has partnered with CFM and NXTsoft to create a new company called Kinective. This partnership marks a turning point in the industry, as IMM’s expertise in eSignature technology joins forces with Kinective’s connectivity ecosystem. Together, we aim to empower financial institutions and fintech companies to accelerate their transformation efforts, enhance services, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Why Kinective?

The name ‘Kinective’ is derived from connective, the capacity to merge disparate systems into a unified experience. It also reflects the power to drive innovation and generate kinetic energy. Kinective’s mission is to help its customers connect to banking’s future. 

A perfect fit for banking

IMM has established itself as a leader in the eSignature market, focusing exclusively on providing solutions tailored to the unique requirements of financial institutions and that will remain unchanged. With over 25 years of experience serving more than 2,500 US banks and credit unions, IMM understands the intricacies of financial operations, regulations, and overall business environments. This expertise allows IMM to develop a comprehensive eSign product that addresses the specific needs of the financial services community.

Seamless Integration and Error-Free Operation

IMM understands the unique requirements of financial institutions. Their eSign solution seamlessly integrates with existing business systems, ensuring error-free transaction processing. By eliminating manual setup and data entry, IMM eSign delivers efficient and accurate document transactions, eliminating the risk of incomplete or inaccurate signings.

Tailored Pricing Model

Unlike other eSign providers, IMM offers a pricing model designed specifically for financial institutions. There are no per-envelope or package fees, unexpected overage penalties, or limitations on transaction volume. Financial institutions can enjoy the benefits of eSign technology without worrying about additional costs.

User-Friendly Experience

IMM eSign is designed with simplicity in mind. Employees can easily initiate eSign transactions by “printing” documents to IMM eSign. The system automatically sets up the transaction, seamlessly authenticates users through Windows authentication, and prepares the session for editing and final submission to signing parties, whether in-person or remote.

Advanced Document Setup

IMM eSign’s advanced document setup capabilities save time and effort. The intelligent document templates automatically recognize and set up documents for processing, identifying signing parties, signature fields, and mapping fields for individual signers. For dynamic documents, IMM’s Intelligent eSignature Engine reads and locates signature fields, even when they shift from transaction to transaction.

Versatile Signing Experiences

IMM offers tailored signing experiences for both in-branch (in-person) and remote signings. In-branch signing experiences occur on bank-owned devices, keeping documents within the network infrastructure. Remote signings follow industry-standard protocols, verifying signer identity for enforceability. Plus, IMM eSign allows blending of signing methods for transactions with multiple signing parties, accommodating their preferred signing preferences.


By breaking down integration barriers and providing turnkey connectivity, Kinective enables seamless integration of Fintech solutions into existing banking systems, enhancing services and improving client experiences.

Kinective offers financial institutions a range of exciting new outcomes that translate into tangible benefits:

  1. Access to a Broad Set of Fintech Solutions: Kinective opens the doors to a comprehensive array of fintech solutions, enabling financial institutions to leverage the best features and services available in the market.
  2. Choice and Flexibility: you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of offerings with Kinective. This flexibility ensures that institutions can adapt to market demands and easily transition to more innovative solutions as they emerge.
  3. Comprehensive Solutions for Cost Reduction: Kinective’s connected solutions extend beyond the core, automating workflows, reducing errors, automating approval processes, and ensuring proper archival of agreements. These end-to-end connectivity solutions help financial institutions achieve significant cost reductions.
  4. Real Assistance and Control: Kinective understands the resource constraints faced by financial institutions. By providing full assistance in statement of work, development, implementation, and support, Kinective becomes the partner that does the work, ensuring optimal speed and outcomes. Moreover, Kinective empowers financial institutions by removing the binds and restrictions of the core, giving them greater control over their transformation journey.

The integration of IMM, CFM, and NXTsoft to form Kinective marks a monumental leap forward in the financial industry’s digital transformation future. With IMM’s pioneering eSign expertise combined with Kinective’s transformative connectivity platform, financial institutions and fintech companies unlock unparalleled opportunities for growth, innovation, and client satisfaction.

For additional information regarding IMM’s rebrand to Kinective, please see these FAQ’s.