IMM and Superior Partner to Deliver Advanced Platform for Community Financial Institutions

Rahway, NJ | December 13, 2022

IMM, the only eSignature provider specializing in eSignature and digital transaction solutions exclusively for financial institutions, and Superior IRA & HSA (Superior) an industry fintech firm specializing in depository Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) solutions for community banks and credit unions, today announced a strategic partnership to integrate IMM’s premiere eSignature platform, IMM eSign, with Superior’s modern IRA and HSA cloud-native, technology solution. The integrated solution enables financial institutions to easily and quickly complete IRA, HSA and other important documents in a secure, frictionless digital environment, while significantly boosting the overall consumer experience.

Superior’s platform was designed specifically for banks and credit unions to provide best-in-class compliance support with a simple and efficient user interface, enabling branch staff to more efficiently complete transactions faster and with increased accuracy. The intuitive design, automated workflows and ability to create custom user roles enable front-line staff to spend more time engaging with customers and members and less time completing tedious manual tasks. The integration of IMM’s eSignature platform ensures every customer or member can easily complete transactions in real-time and in a seamless, digital end-to-end environment.

Superior’s President and Managing Partner, Kevin Boyles, said, “We are redefining the technology and service methodology of the IRA and HSA support space for banks and credit unions. We are pleased to partner with IMM, a like-minded organization, that shares our goal to provide progressive technology solutions that create a more modern, frictionless experience for the financial institution, as well as their members and customers. Collectively our teams have decades of experience working with banks and credit unions exclusively and therefore have a unique understanding of the daily operations, the stringent regulatory requirements and perhaps most importantly, the ever-evolving needs of today’s consumer.”

Both IMM and Superior remain committed to providing technology solutions designed to help community financial institutions operate more efficiently, comply with regulatory requirements, as well as provide an exceptional experience for consumers. Key highlights of the integrated solution include:

  • Automated complex procedures;
  • Streamlined operations and account-opening procedures;
  • Elimination of time-intensive, manual tasks;
  • Driving down operational expenses;
  • Improved account holder experience;
  • Increased accuracy of document submissions and improved turnaround time;
  • Automatic routing to appropriate stakeholders, and;
  • Enhanced auditing and risk management practices.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Superior to provide banks and credit unions with a next-generation solution that not only reduces costs and drives efficiencies throughout a traditionally tedious and complex paper-based process, but more importantly, improves the overall customer experience and meets the increasing demands of today’s consumer,” said Michael Ball, senior vice president of markets and strategy.

IMM continues to partner with leading business application providers such as Superior to develop custom integrations to optimize back-office operations and provide a more dynamic customer experience. These integrations allow eSignature transactions to operate seamlessly and error-free within a financial institution’s business environment. With IMM eSign, institutions can transition to a complete end-to-end digital environment, simplifying the account opening process, streamlining loan originations and closings, while providing customers with on-demand access to complete account service and maintenance documents such as stop payments or address changes.

About IMM

For 26 years, IMM has been the premier provider of eSignature and Digital Transaction solutions designed exclusively for financial institutions. Today, more than 1,500 banks and credit unions use IMM’s eSignature and Digital Transaction Management solutions across the Institution to elevate consumer experiences while streamlining back-office processes in a comprehensive, end-to-end digital processing environment.

About Superior IRA & HSA

Superior IRA & HSA (Superior) is the first ever true fintech firm to enter the depository IRA and HSA space. Founded and staffed by industry veterans with decades of deep IRA & HSA experience and powered by state-of-the-art technology, Superior is reshaping the landscape of IRA and HSA support for community banks and credit unions. The Superior platform has been built from the ground up, leveraging the latest technology and process engineering for IRA and HSA transactional workflows and creating the most intuitive and simple processes for conducting the day-to-day IRA and HSA business at your bank or credit union. Superior also offers unparalleled services to support the operational challenges of IRAs and HSAs by providing enhanced services for beneficiary claims, required minimum distributions, and tax reporting for these accounts. Our open API technology, built to the latest industry standards, stands ready to connect with other service providers. This provides the most streamlined and best-integrated solutions for your financial institution’s staff, reduces compliance risk for your operations team, and creates a world-class experience for your IRA and HSA account owners.

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