Technological innovations are reshaping the ever-evolving landscape of the financial industry, and at the heart of this transformation is one central need: the ability to connect.

Banks and credit unions need the ability to connect their cores effortlessly to leverage fintech advancements successfully. This brings us to a crucial question: How does OmniConnect serve financial institutions, especially banks, credit unions, and cores? Let’s explore.

The OmniConnect Advantage

In the current digital age, the fusion of finance and technology isn’t just about innovation; it’s about equipping financial institutions of all sizes with the right tools to stay competitive and relevant. The OmniConnect platform, developed by Kinective, manifests this very ethos. With a single connection, banks and credit unions can seamlessly bridge to over 80 cutting-edge fintechs, unlocking a horizon of opportunities.

Understanding the OmniConnect Platform

Born out of a rising demand for integrated fintech solutions, Kinective’s OmniConnect Enterprise API stands as a beacon of secure, comprehensive, and seamless connectivity. It powers a plethora of services ranging from money movement (payments) to digital banking solutions, knitting them into the institution’s core to form a cohesive ecosystem.

Digital adoption, as reflected by a whopping 91% of bank and credit union clients conducting online transactions as of July 2020, emphasizes the dire need for such integrated platforms. OmniConnect fills this gap, ensuring community financial institutions compete and level the playing field with their larger counterparts.

Features that Set OmniConnect Apart

  1. All-in-One Connectivity: With OmniConnect, financial institutions get to work with one vendor for all connectivity needs. It’s autonomous, ensuring undisturbed operations even when there’s a change in core or ancillary systems.
  2. Rapid Integration: Whether it’s services from Lokyota, Bottomline, FirstClose, or Kasasa, OmniConnect can sync them with core systems powered by giants like FiServ, Jack Henry, and FIS—all within 90 days. Such speed and efficiency make it an unmatched asset in the fintech world.
  3. Security at its Core: OmniConnect isn’t just about connectivity—it’s about secure connectivity. Backed by OmniEncrypt, it uses Cisco Meraki NGFW at client sites to forge a fortified link to the AWS environment. But that’s not all; OmniAlert provides an added layer of protection by detecting anomalies and triggering immediate countermeasures. Supported by a round-the-clock U.S.-based Security Operation Center (SOC), it ensures data integrity and safety.

Kinective’s Legacy in the API Market

Having served the API market space for over a quarter of a century, Kinective’s expertise in API connectivity is unparalleled. A testament to this is the vast clientele— which numbers over 1,000 financial institutions—that rely on their robust API solutions. The Kinective API marketplace also showcases a massive and varied list of fintech connections developed over the years.

Kinective Helps Financial Institutions Accelerate Digital Transformation Goals

The lines between traditional banking services and fintech solutions will blur further as we progress. Platforms like OmniConnect will ensure this transition is smooth, secure, and beneficial for all stakeholders. With its ability to discover opportunities, elevate financial institutions, and seamlessly integrate the best of fintech, OmniConnect is indeed the bridge to the future of banking.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the Omniconnect API platform can support your organization’s needs and goals, we invite you to connect with one of the Kinective experts today.

Photo Credit: mrmohock