Gather round the campfire and get ready for a spooktacular set of scary banking stories. Heed the warnings of those that have gone before you and remember, Kinective will light the way!


The House of Manual Maniacs   

In the dimly lit, labyrinthine offices of Pumpkin Main Bank, an eerie atmosphere hung heavy in the air. The employees moved about with trepidation, their footsteps echoing through the cold, sterile corridors. Unbeknownst to them, a sinister presence had taken root within the bank’s digital heart.  

As they tirelessly worked to improve the financial well-being of their client a manual and malicious presence began weaving a tapestry of inefficient doom. The bank’s ambitions for efficiency started to become a distant dream rather than a goal within reach. Day after day the presence took a piece of their soul every time they had to manually enter data, quietly nudging them into oblivion while their customer’s experience worsened.   

A bump in the night 

Before the bank faced utter catastrophe, something awakened the EVP of Loan Operations. He was suddenly motivated to find a way to cut down on the hours wasted every day in manual tasks. There had to be an answer to dig the team out of this seemingly endless cycle.   

He spoke with a chilling tone in his voice as he described their plan to escape the manual hell. Through automation, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. “We wanted to automate our mortgage loans,” he whispered, as if the very thought of it sent shivers down his spine. “The Mortgage Loan Connector cut down our implementation time from 2 hours to about 15 minutes.”   

A new day for bankers 

The sleepy hold the manual maniacs had on the bank started to lose its grip as the connectors ruthlessly cut down upload times. “In the past, we would have to upload everything manually,” the EVO of Loan Operations explained. What once was a sinister and tedious task had become a bright and light. Bankers could now look up from their gloomy disposition to engage with their customers and create meaningful relationships.   

The Doc Connector and General Ledger (GL) Connector began to run seamlessly in the background on their systems. “OmniConnect has just made things easier. They have really opened the door for us to identify new ways for automation,” EVP of Loan Operations said.   

In the end, Pumpkin Main Bank achieved the efficiency they had sought, but will always remain vigilant to fight off inefficiencies and manual actions… never again to be lulled into mediocrity.   


The Haunted Transactions   

In a quiet, unassuming corner of the city, there stood a bank that time seemed to have forgotten. Spooky Credit Union, shrouded in an eerie silence, was known for its archaic ways. Its branches, trapped in the past, relied on slow and outdated technology that had become a villain in the eyes of its loyal community.   

But, in the shadows, a new era was dawning. The members of Spooky CU were a steadfast bunch, who clung to their preference for in-branch deposits. The bank, once revered for its great member experience, found itself at a crossroads. They were determined to bridge the gap between tradition and efficiency, to breathe life into their withering branches.   

The hero we all need 

Spooky CU’s salvation came in the form of a hero: modern technology. They envisioned a transformation, an evolution into Member Convenience Centers with Universal Associates. These centers were to be a beacon of hope in the gloomy world of outdated banking.  

At first, they attempted to modernize by adding ATMs to their early Member Convenience Centers, but a malevolent force was at work. Those machines, stubbornly clinging to the past, refused to fully connect to the bank’s core system. Members found themselves trapped in the clutches of these outdated devices, limited to mere cash withdrawals and deposits. The tellers, too, felt the dread as they grappled with shared cash machines, leading to a nightmarish dance of deposit mix-ups. The cash spewed from the machine with an almost demonic speed, piling deposits upon deposits, creating chaos and confusion.  

In their quest for salvation, Spooky CU turned to Kinective, integration experts who held the power to turn the tide. These experts sought to unleash a smooth and efficient member experience through integrated self-service kiosks, untethered universal associates who roamed freely, unrestricted by ancient workstations. Kinective held the answer, a beacon of light amidst the encroaching darkness.  

A New Dawn 

As the tale unfolded, it became clear that Spooky CU’s salvation depended on embracing the integrated technology, while bidding a final farewell to the malevolent villain of the past. A new dawn was approaching, and the battle for Spooky CU’s future would be nothing short of epic.  



The Attack of the One-Size-Fits-All eSignature: CrocUsign 


In the heart of a quiet and seemingly idyllic town, the United Bank of Broomsticks had long been a trusted institution, providing solace to the community through its small business lending and responsive financial assistance. But beneath the beloved institution lurked a dark and insidious secret.  


The bank, once hailed for its progressive efforts in implementing eSignatures for its lending process, had unknowingly unleashed a malevolent force. Their eSignature provider, let’s call them CrocUsign, with their “one-size-fits-all” approach, had unwittingly sown the seeds of a looming horror.  

The eSignatures solution, a seemingly helpful innovation, turned out to be a cursed relic. It failed to fully integrate with the bank’s core system, plunging the staff into a nightmarish ordeal of extra steps, staff frustration, and abysmal adoption rates. The once-promising future had turned into a quagmire of cumbersome processes, with staff reverting to the archaic ways of old paper-based transactions.  

As the days turned into endless nights, the bank clung to the false promises of their provider, hoping for salvation. But the light at the end of the tunnel never materialized. Their despair grew, and the bank became a place where hope went to die.  

Not all Hope is Lost  

It was only when the darkness threatened to consume them entirely that UBB Decided to seek a new partner, one who truly understood their needs. Their quest for salvation led them to Kinective’s Document Automation solution, IMMeSign Plus.   

Upon implementing Kinective’s solution, the team rejoiced as they witnessed immediate and transformative results. The horror of paper-based transactions was banished, replaced by the promise of a paperless environment. The bank gained the power to expedite and enhance transaction processing, alluring customers with enriched and engaging experiences.  

Customers now have the freedom to electronically sign documents at a place and time of their choosing. Even in-branch, the bank provided tablets equipped with IMMeSign Plus, for customers to view and electronically sign documents directly on the tablet itself.  

The staff, no longer bound by the chains of paper, reveled in their newfound powers, completing transactions in a digital environment. 

Transactions were completed with just a few clicks, documents were indexed and archived with ruthless automation, and customers received all their documents with the mere push of a button. The exceptional experience the bank had yearned for was realized.  



Happy Halloween from Kinective!