To improve the financial lives of our neighbors and their businesses. This is the mission of First Commonwealth Bank, and they are striving to live out that mission every day. First Commonwealth Bank is dedicated to being customer-focused in all their efforts. With over 150 branches, they surprise their customers every day with service that feels like a community bank. First Commonwealth serves all forms of banking and offers a variety of solutions for customers and businesses. The values that drive First Commonwealth include integrity, excellence, accountability, and inclusion. Forbes listed First Commonwealth Bank as one of the 2019’s World’s Best Banks. First Commonwealth has helped families turn their dream homes into realities and helped businesses reach new heights they didn’t think were possible. 

As they strive to improve the financial well-being of their customers, First Commonwealth Bank is also striving to improve their efficiency. In 2014, First Commonwealth Bank converted to the Jack Henry Silverlake System. After the conversion they  began booking portfolio mortgage loans to the system again. “We wanted to automate our mortgage loans.” said Teresa Thompson, AVP Loan Operations Manager for First Commonwealth Bank. Thompson and the team at First Commonwealth were introduced to OmniConnect, formerly known as CCMC Inc. OmniConnect’s mortgage loan connector was exactly what they needed to automate mortgage loans. This also opened the door for First Commonwealth to utilize other connectors from OmniConnect such as the Doc Connector and General Ledger (GL) Connector. “The connectors really cut down our upload time.” Thompson added, “In the past we would have to upload everything manually Shawna Fairman, Assistant Operations Manager said  “The Mortgage Loan Connector cut down our implementation time from 2 hours to about 15 minutes.” First Commonwealth has benefited from the efficiency that OmniConnect provides, including how the Doc Connector can run seamlessly in the background on their systems without interfering in daily workflow. “OmniConnect has just made things easier. They have really opened the door for us to identify new ways for automation.”  

NXTsoft’s OmniConnect Platform is proud to service and support First Commonwealth Bank. First Commonwealth’s focus will always be centered around improving the financial wellbeing of their customers, and OmniConnect will always strive to provide the most efficient methods in which they can succeed in this.