Our Application Programming Interface (API) Marketplace features a curated selection of offerings from the industry’s top fintech companies, streamlining the process of connecting organizations with APIs that align with their needs and goals. 

Subscribers to the NXTsoft API Marketplace can leverage access to multiple API services via a single entry point while also benefiting from the peace of mind that comes with expertly-verified vendors, first-class security, and quality performance. 

At NXTsoft, our primary focus is to provide a user-friendly space featuring top-of-the-line APIs, exceeding the expectations of subscribers and developers alike. 

Available Vendors

Our API Marketplace constantly evolves, bringing you the latest API innovation. Here is a snapshot of currently available vendors with APIs in the NXTsoft API marketplace.

Financial Technologies

Account Opening


Modernize your approach to consumer and commercial account opening with integrated technology that will set you apart from your competition. Focus on acquiring new customers and optimizing operations using a seamlessly configured platform to suit your unique needs.


Discover comprehensive, tech-forward solutions for client-facing and enterprise-enabling processes with FinMain. Effectively bridge the gap between your organization’s systems of record using best-in-class technology, enhancing customer experience, increasing efficiency, and reducing risk at a highly scalable pace.


Ensure that new and prospective customers have a no-fuss experience from the start with credit union and banking solutions from fiVISION. Products from fiVISION prioritize ease of use, eliminating unnecessary elements to deliver a responsive and intuitive process that customers will appreciate. 


With a low code automation platform, your organization can transform every facet of operations. Redefine your approach to serving customers’ needs with an intelligent, portal-based solution that incorporates a responsive interface and user-friendly design, empowering both customers and your employees.

Digital Banking


Requiring absolutely no coding experience, ProcessMaker equips business users with the tools to develop and run their workflows, providing a solution that extends across various departments and systems. In addition, banking solutions technology recenters the customer while maintaining requirements for compliance, regulation, and more.


Upgrade to the industry’s leading digital mortgage platform specifically engineered to support the goals of loan officers, real estate agents, and borrowers alike. Increase efficiency and borrower satisfaction by delivering a single, easy-to-navigate space for communication and data exchange throughout the entire life cycle of a loan.

Velocity Solutions

Choose from an array of API solutions that allow your organization to benefit from a more data-driven approach, maximizing profits, service quality, and efficiency. Powered by the one-of-a-kind Velocity Intelligent Platform™, the various solutions utilize machine-led intelligence to stay one step ahead of technology, consumer, and regulatory requirements.



With a selection of software solutions from Abrigo, financial institutions can strengthen their portfolio and achieve success in the face of limited resources, increasing competition, and evolving consumer expectations. Finesse your origination and ongoing customer management processes, addressing critical components such as loan application, credit underwriting, loan administration, and others.


Trusted by more than 250 lending financial institutions, including U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo, Blend is the key to increased customer acquisition, improved productivity, and stronger customer relationships. Introduce a simpler, more transparent consumer banking experience with smart, accessible solutions. 


With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, FICS provides a diverse range of software solutions for financial institutions. The FICS suite of products can do everything from an automated, end-to-end loan origination system to user-friendly systems for mortgage and commercial services.


Explore a number of web-based mortgage lending solutions for credit unions, banks, and lenders, with options to support improved loan origination, loan pricing, website design, and even social media marketing. Solutions from OpenClose include LoanOrigination System, an exceptional platform specifically engineered for reliable performance that exceeds that of other “best-of-breed” applications. 


Absolute Systems

Absolute Systems creates highly secure and fault-tolerant software solutions that can stand up to the intense demands of transactional banking, solving real-world problems with their trademark elegance. Manage various tasks with solutions adapted to your organization’s unique financial language, achieving measurable savings, risk reduction, and revenue.


The easy-to-integrate APIs from CheckAlt meet rigorous industry compliance standards while simultaneously raising the bar for technological innovation. Their Check 21 payments solutions run the gamut from remote deposit capture and consolidated item processing to omnichannel integrated treasury solutions, while their receivables solutions are engineered to capture 100% of receivables. 


The Kasasa suite is a comprehensive solution designed to empower local institutions with the innovative products and resources typically associated with megabanks. Integrating an unbeatable selection of products with access to marketing, training, research, compliance, support, and consulting services, Kasasa enriches your brand and has unique advantages. 


Reimagine your organization’s bill pay and money movement infrastructure with the Instant Payment Network from Payveris. Your customers will gain access to more than 15,000 billers and sources of money movement, as well as widely-used digital wallets and applications. Reap the benefits of complete flexibility and control as you deploy the technologies that best match your objectives and customer needs.



Employ a fully customizable loan servicing program that can flawlessly evolve alongside your changing needs and goals with solutions from Cenlar. Their unique approach allows financial institutions to design a uniquely branded solution, allowing you to incorporate their unparalleled innovation with your institution’s name and identity. 


Built by one of the longest-standing mortgage banking companies in the United States, the complete private-label mortgage subservicing solutions from Dovenmuehle will surpass your expectations. Take advantage of hands-on support and extensive industry expertise to create the perfect solution for your brand.


Explore an array of banking platforms to select one that matches your strategies and needs, then choose between in-house or outsourced processing and an impressive variety of features and services. State-of-the-art integration allows you to nurture your customers’ experience while benefiting from features such as real-time fraud detection and alerts, enhanced banker mobility, and more.

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