At NXTsoft, our team has been an integral part of the fintech industry for over 25 years. We specialized in building and maintaining the toughest kind of API integration out there: connecting mortgage, commercial and consumer LOS platforms to core systems nationwide.

And today, utilizing our mortgage loan connector API, financial institutions can save 45-60 minutes per loan. Our general ledger connector, consumer loan connector, and commercial loan connector save personnel 15-20 minutes per loan, and our document connector can save an employee up to two full hours per set of documents.

But we haven’t stopped there. We’ve leveraged our wealth of experience and expertise to expand API connectivity to any financial institution, any fintech application, and any core, no matter what system you’re running. From deposit account opening, to payments, to CRM, to anything you can imagine, we are the experts at API Connectivity as a Service. With NXTsoft’s OmniConnect platform, comprehensive, seamless integration is just a step away. Call us ambitious, but our vision is that one day, every financial institution in the country can eliminate manual entry for good. Connect with NXTsoft today to discuss how the right API strategy can save you time and money.

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