Why settle when the upgrade is a no-brainer? Fiserv DNA Standard Teller Application users, your time has come to experience a real integrated system.  

While many financial institutions believe they have integrated systems, it’s important to understand that not all integrations are created equal. If you’re “integrated” that should mean you don’t have to duplicate entries into multiple systems. EOD balancing is eliminated, not just minimized… Would you go to a restaurant that gives you the ingredients and tools to make your meal instead of a fine dining experience? Probably not.  

What do we mean by integrated?

True integration is when your core system is connected to your hardware, apps, and other systems. A lot of companies claim to integrate hardware and fintechs to your core but use shortcuts like screen scraping to get the job “almost” done “most” of the time…not a great experience. And not integration!  

Are you overspending on FTE?

The solution might be better integration. At this level, proper integration is a need not a want. It’s not just a few features that you are unlocking, it’s hours of employee time that you are saving.

Imagine a world where your associates don’t have to manually balance the cash drawers at the end of the day. That’s 30 minutes a day per employee, thousands of dollars a year.  

Picture an integration option that helps you break the chains of your hardware so associates can focus on serving clients and fulfilling every transaction and service need from any device, anywhere in the branch.

It’s not too good to be true!

A Client Experience that Leaves More to be Desired

If you consider your FI high tech, aspiring high tech, modern, or are just trying to show your clients that technology doesn’t get in the way of their very human experience at your branch—then you better be integrated. Cold hand-offs from the teller line to other specialists, long teller lines, drive-through and call center service restrictions are unacceptable to today’s consumer.

Can you imagine a client going through your drive-thru to complete what they believe is a simple transaction, then having to go back and forth with physical documents trying to read and sign them in their car while others wait in line behind them? If you are living that and not imagining it, it’s time to embrace the integration intervention. Your current solution is just not cutting it.

Investing in Solutions and Then Not Using Them

Integration is the key to adoption. So, if you are investing in software or hardware, taking time for training, and expecting the ROI to align with the reason you made the investment—it better be integrated. The likelihood of any human to comply with a multi-step process decreases at every additional step.

“Our previous eSignature platform was not integrated with our key business applications and our usage was minimal,” said Eric Soya, vice president of branch operations, United Bank of Michigan. “As we accelerated our digital-first strategy, it became evident our previous provider was not able to effectively integrate with our current systems and did not truly understand the nuances of how the bank operates. The overall value of the system was languishing. We conducted a rigorous review process, and [Kinective] met every established requirement and continues to exceed our expectations. From day one, [Kinective’s] eSignature platform has been seamlessly integrated with our banking core platform.”

Don’t settle for basic integration when you can have the best. Kinective’s award-winning integration solutions are designed to empower Fiserv DNA Standard Teller Application users to unlock their full potential. By partnering with Kinective, you’ll embark on a transformational journey that will revolutionize your banking experience, delight your clients, and position your institution for long-term success. Upgrade your integration today and embrace the future of banking with Kinective.

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