It’s no secret that CFM has earned a reputation as the core integration experts, but did you know that our integration solution works brilliantly for credit unions using Fiserv’s XP2 teller application? Our zero-footprint, enterprise-based integration gives XP2 users a complete solution that truly transforms the branch experience for both the client and your staff.

Who is CFM and what are we doing here?

Allow ourselves to introduce…ourselves. CFM is a group of programmers, technicians, and end users that came together to bring simplicity to the confusing mess of core integration. We put our collective brainpower together and successfully created S4+NORM, the only zero-footprint core integration solution in the industry. S4+NORM builds a bridge between the core processor and your cash-handling hardware at the enterprise level and gives XP2 users complete choice in hardware, full functionality and real-time integration with your teller application.

What does S4 replace in your current system?

To get a better idea of how CFM integrates and streamlines the XP2 teller application, here’s what you’re likely running that we replace:

• LutzWolf—legacy integration
• Compuflex—screen scraping/soft-integration
• DynaCash—Screen scraping/hotkeys

Why Convert?

• Your tellers will love you—no more double-keying and a significant reduction in out of balances
• S4 eliminates all legacy and redundant applications and slave PCs
• Universal Driver—it doesn’t matter what brand of machine you’re using or when it was made (even if it hasn’t been made yet)
• Integration analytics—manage valuable pieces of hardware and get information on health, inventory, and cash needs
• Universal Associates—associates can handle any transaction anywhere in the branch, including cash transactions. Need we say more?

CFM has already helped several credit unions on the XP2 platform open up their hardware options and give them branch-of-the-future capabilities. Here’s what two XP2 users had to say about making the switch to CFM:

“Thank you for helping make our new location a success! Making CFM, XP2 & the recyclers all work together was a monumental accomplishment. You guys are awesome!”—Chris Kearney, Senior VP and CIO of TruWest Credit Union.

“Our existing cash handling interface software was a recommendation of our core processing vendor, and it’s simply what they are familiar with. Cash handling is not their core competency, nor should it be. However, this “familiar” interface is based on older technology and hasn’t kept up with the changing needs of the credit union. This partnership with CFM will help Firefly create a flexible command and control platform fully integrated to our core, allowing us to adopt new technologies while better leveraging our investment in existing cash handling equipment.”—Jon Hallberg, VP of Information Services at Firefly Credit Union.

CFM’s complete integration solution gives you the power to break through the barriers of your hardware so your tellers and associates can focus on creating an exceptional member experience. We’ve got the tools and know-how to help your branch, get in touch with us and learn more about what CFM can do for you.