The early fall months always bring a busy industry conference calendar, and after two years of confinement, this season seems even more active than usual. We look forward to these opportunities to engage with our existing and prospective clients. After all, IMM’s company and technology origins can be traced to conversations that occurred at a 1995 credit union conference.

We’re not interested in one-way dialogues, either. Because IMM is the only eSignature solution built specifically for the needs of financial institutions, we’re constantly gathering bank and credit union feedback on their pain points, ideas for product enhancements, and clever ways they’ve found to leverage eSignature’s capabilities in their own operations. What better place to have these discussions than at events dedicated to financial services professionals?

Of course, we also welcome the opportunity to share our own recent innovations and offer thoughts on best practices for using eSignatures to drive digital banking initiatives drawn from our years of laser focus on the eSignature process and its benefits to banks and credit unions.      

 Choose Your Own Adventure

Whether you’re with a bank or credit union, live on the east or west coast, or are more comfortable with a virtual than in-person format, our September and October itinerary includes stops that suit any style. Some of these events are tailored to users of specific products or platforms integrated with IMM solutions; others (like CUNA’s) are tailored to the broader segments of the financial services community.

We recently kicked off our fall travels at the Jack Henry Connect conference in San Diego, where we showcased how our leading eSignature technology powers Jack Henry’s Synergy eSign solution to accelerate digital transformation and deliver elevated consumer journeys.

Here’s a quick snapshot of our next stops:

  • DCI Bankers Conference: September 11-13, Overland Park, KS
  • Fiserv Signature Conference: September 18-21, Orlando, FL
  • P3 User Group Meeting: September 20-23, Omaha, NE
  • Uniti East User Group Meeting: September 21-23, Foxborough, MA
  • CUNA Technology Operations & Member Experience Council: September 21-24, Las Vegas, NV
  • IMM Town Hall Meeting: October 17, Houston, TX
  • Mid-South User Group: October 18-20, New Orleans, LA
  • Great Lakes User Group: October 25-26, East Lansing, MI

We hope you’ll take a few moments to stop by and visit with us, discuss your particular interests or experiences at one of these events or perhaps you’d like a more personalized meeting with our experts. Simply reach out to schedule a time and we’ll be happy to join you.