In this episode of OmniTalkFI, Jeff Dixon, Client Care Team Lead will be telling us about his role within the Client Experience Team, the purpose of the Client Experience Team, and why it’s so important to have a dedicated team of Client Experience experts to ensure that your integration solutions are running smoothly. 


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Jeff Dixon, Client Care Team Lead – Jeff joined NXTsoft/CCMC nearly 15 years ago shortly after graduating from UCF. In that time, he started as the first line of support and has been dedicated to filling in wherever needed on the software and IT side of the business. He is currently a Team Lead for supporting NXTsoft’s OmniConnect Products where he loves working with his teammates to make clients happy. In his spare time, he loves to grow things and looks forward to getting back into beekeeping when his daughters get a little older.




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Tune in on Monday, May 3rd! Sara Nakae and Joe Dahleen from FirstClose will be telling us more about their lending solution, FirstClose ONE, and talking about what they expect for the future of Fintech in 2021! 

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