While you were out enjoying the holiday last week, CFM was putting the finishing touches on our latest work of magic. We’re very happy to announce that S4+NORM, our flagship core integration solution, has been updated to version 9.0 and is now available for installation.


For those unfamiliar with our innovative core integration software, S4+NORM is our zero-footprint, enterprise-level solution that universally drives and manages all major cash automation machines. It gives you complete choice in hardware, full functionality, and real-time integration with your teller application and enables branch-of-the-future initiatives like Universal Associates and open-branch designs.

This update is more than skin-deep—Version 9.0 of S4+NORM is chocked full of productivity and interface enhancements and includes a major interface redesign. Here’s a list of the major changes:

Extreme Makeover: An Overhaul of All Screens and Dialog Boxes

The new, responsive interface covers every screen and all dialog boxes and will look great on any size computer monitor or mobile device. It’s also easier to use and more intuitive for front-line staff.

IT Geek-Out Alert: Enhancements for CFM S4+NORM administrators

Version 9.0 gives IT staff and administrators new tools and enhancements, including a network troubleshooting page and a built-in network test tool. These new tools will allow IT/admin users to proactively test the quality of the network connection, without impacting end-user performance or functionality. We’ve also added enhanced logging for CDR tests performed from the S4+NORM admin portal to allow for more accurate troubleshooting of communication issues.

Better Than Ever: Improved Device Drivers and Certification of Additional Cash Recyclers and Dispensers

S4+NORM version 9.0 improves existing hardware drivers and adds two new cash recyclers and a new dispenser to the certified hardware list—the ARCA CM18 Solo, the CIMA AST7016 as well as the 5-cassette Diebold ECD. Improvements to existing drivers include support for compression with the Glory Vertera 6g recycler and refinement of the Glory RBU11 driver’s communications.

Shorter, non-techie version: it works seamlessly with even more cash recyclers and dispensers.

Taking Care of Business: How to Upgrade

We’ve made it as easy as possible to get the S4+NORM update, so there are no download links or passwords required. For iQ users, just log onto cloudiq.net and download it from there. If you’re not an iQ subscriber, you can register on cloudiq.net and download the update once registration is complete.

Instructions for updating to version 9.0 are included in the download package and our support team is ready and waiting to help you with any part of the upgrade process. While we recommend you update as soon as possible, there is no required deadline for updating. If you need support, we’re standing by to answer questions and we can even walk you through the update (we’re super nice like that). Just call us at 855-333-4CFM(4236) or email us at support@cfms4.com, and we’ll get you set up.

Not an S4+NORM User? Here’s How to Change That

If you’re not utilizing S4+NORM in your branch, you’re missing out on the most efficient way to integrate, drive and monitor all makes and models of cash dispensers and recyclers. Our core integration solution is already powering the largest banks and credit unions, and CFM’s cleverly designed modules for S4+NORM enable Universal Associates, open branch designs, and give you full visibility into your recyclers or dispensers.

Get in touch with us today by using the form below and we will show you how we can help you improve client satisfaction while increasing branch efficiency.