In its inaugural year, MyTechMag has named CFM a Top 10 Fintech Solution Provider, joining the ranks of other companies such as Argo, a banking core provider for 6 of the top 10 banks.  Read on for the article outlining what makes CFM a stand-out to receive this award.

—Article Originally Published By MyTech Magazine

Banking is changing. With more and more financial institutions starting to explore the option of partnering with Fintech providers to find answers, one company stands out from the rest.  CFM, an Arizona-based core and teller platform integrator with over 700 clients, is literally and figuratively writing the script to transform the branch through enabling technology.

Take the challenge of Universal Associates, where one staff member is trained and enabled to help a client from start to finish, no matter the need or transaction. It’s a transformation initiative that seems like a no-brainer for any bank or credit union because clients get better service by not being passed off from one associate to another, staff gets a better career path, and financial institutions get to lower costs by having one staff member perform multiple services versus having several specialists and siloed job roles. Yet, it’s more often talked about than seen.

The limiting factor is access to the right enabling technology— and that’s where CFM comes in. Adopting the Universal Associate Model requires transactional hardware like cash recyclers to be accessible from anywhere (not just behind a teller line) and shared amongst multiple associates.

CFM connected these dots with two key innovations called RTA and Nomadix. Both powered by CFM’s S4 core integration software, RTA allows platform staff to share and leverage cash recyclers from anywhere in the branch, while Nomadix provides a tablet-banking interface built for Universal Associates to service clients while freely roaming around. Now, what seemed like nearly an impossible want has been turned into reality through effective integration.

CFM has taken on several other key trends, including open branch designs enabled by core integrated cash recyclers, core integrated self-service kiosks, and app-based tools to understand clients’ current and desired state to best align products and services.

A big part of CFM’s success and approach to tackling challenges in the market comes from the unique connection to its design-build sister company, DBSI. As a firm that focuses exclusively on building bank and credit union environments, DBSI’s intimate knowledge of banking helps provide real-life perspectives to CFM’s products and innovation roadmap. For example, the very start of CFM came from DBSI’s work in creating open branch designs and seeing clients struggling to find true integration between their cash automation hardware and teller platforms. Organizing a team of programmers, cash automation technicians, hardware manufacturers, and end-users, CFM was created to bring simplicity to this burdening problem. The end result was an effective integration with the right footprint, which drives all makes and models of cash recyclers seamlessly.

This rare partnership makes CFM’s purpose more than just integrating technology, rather these companies are bringing an understanding and fusion of all banking transformation elements together—the right retail strategy, the right design, the right technology, the right staffing model, and the right training to operationalize it.  And, of course, integrating all of these pieces together is the real difference-maker.

With more than 700 clients now using CFM’s suite of solutions, including S4, the enterprise-level solution which is the backbone of CFM’s centralized and zero-footprint architecture; NORM, which provides the most reliable way to integrate hardware with a core/teller application; iQ, an analytics and business intelligence tool that gives real-time and proactive metrics; RTA as the key to a Universal Banker model; and NOMADIX  a tablet-banking interface built for Universal Associates to service clients from anywhere in the branch—it’s fair to place CFM in the rankings as a Top Fintech Solution Provider.

CFM adds this new accolade to a growing list of achievements, including being one of Inc. 5,000’s Fastest Growing Companies, winner of Fintech Product of the Year, and ranking among Banking CIO Outlook’s Top 10 Analytics Providers. Having sold 32,000+ licenses and being noted as one of the top companies to watch by Silicon Valley Review, CFM is all set to revolutionize the banking arena.

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