Enabling Universal Associates and Self-Service Kiosks paired with tablets is now a reality with the NOMADIX tablet teller application. 

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TEMPE, Ariz., Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CFM, the integration experts known for its branch of the future enabling technology, has received a second Fintech Solution of the Year honor at the 20th Annual American Business Stevie Awards, this time for NOMADIX. CFM previously received this honor for another game-changing product called RTA. 

CFM Continues to Disrupt Banking with Second Fintech Product of the Year Award for NOMADIX

Receiving high rankings from several judges, one panelist stated, “NOMADIX breaks the traditional chains of associates being tied to a workstation and allows them to help clients from anywhere in the branch. This innovation creates a seamless in-branch experience with lower operating costs and completely changes the way bankers can interact with their clients.”

Another judge enthused, “These people have the best client support I’ve at any point experienced. I will everlastingly utilize this organization and enthusiastically suggest them to anyone.”

Financial institutions have long struggled to keep up with changing consumer expectations and high branch operating costs. NOMADIX eliminates individual workstations, cash-register-style branches, and specialized roles by enabling untethered, cross-trained staff who can process transactions from anywhere in the branch using a hand-held tablet device. This benefit alone helps reduce the FTE needed to operate a branch. 

Additionally, NOMADIX further reduces branch operating costs and improves the experience with the ability to use cash recyclers or self-service kiosks as central transactions points—reducing teller, equipment, and branch footprint requirements. By equipping associates with tablets paired to transaction points, staff can process transactions anywhere in the branch and share transaction points, or step in as needed to assist in self-service kiosk transactions. Now, instead of directing an in-branch client to a video teller, NOMADIX provides a bridge so live associates can monitor activity and provide service when needed from a tablet device.

Further, the intuitive tablet interface massively reduces staff onboarding times by eliminating complex teller applications. The average training of typical teller interfaces takes 2 weeks to do basic transactions and months for full transaction sets. As financial institutions struggle to attract talent, this easy-to-use interface appeals to the younger generation talent pool who don’t want to work with antiquated systems. 

CFM continues to pave the way for transforming technologies that decrease branch footprint and operating costs, ultimately helping to bridge the gap to Universal Associates and self to assisted-service transactions. NOMADIX was featured at the Jack Henry Connect conference, the CUNA Operation & Member Experience Council and Technology Council conference and will be featured at the Acquire or Be Acquired conference this coming January.

Please visit the NOMADIX demonstration page for more information or a demo NOMADIX demonstration page.


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