NXTsoft has designed the community financial institution small market program to deliver the same level of automation available to larger financial institutions to  local community markets that serve their neighbors and community businesses.

Implementing a robust interface without large IT departments and teams of developers is out of reach for most community financial institutions. Supporting and maintaining an interface between two disparate financial systems is like fighting a protracted war against your bottom line.

NXTsoft has created a package that includes integration for lending software to core platforms and servicing providers. We have off-the-shelf connectors for mortgage, consumer and commercial lending integration available today that are currently used in over 1,000 financial institutions in the United States and internationally.

This package includes the auxiliary products for funding loans, making administrative changes to mapping and a segregated test environment to assist with audits and making changes away from the production environment. This enables community financial institutions to be more flexible and move toward open banking and stay competitive.