Your clients all want it.  You want to provide it in the most exceptional way possible.

What’s this mythical element that everyone agrees they want in banking?

A WOW client experience.

You may already be aware that cash automation integration can greatly improve the experience for all of the staff in your branch—simplified balancing, increased staff productivity, cost savings, and improved efficiency, to name just a few things core integration can do for you.

But, when your TCRs are fully integrated with your core, something else amazing happens…

Your client experience also improves by leaps and bounds.

Have trouble wrapping your head around how integrating with your core can improve the client experience?  Let’s look at just a few of the ways that cash automation integration accomplishes that task:

Shorter Transaction and Wait Times = Happier Customers

Everyone is in a hurry these days, and that trend won’t be reversing any time this century. Integrating your core can dramatically increase transaction speeds. When your tellers and associates can process transactions more efficiently, lines get shorter and your clients walk away with the pleasant memory of a painless banking experience.

Personalized Experiences and Deeper Relationships

With TCR integration, your tellers minimize their time spent with their attention away from the client. So, the experience can be truly face-to-face, instead of face-to-top-of-teller’s-head-then-back-to-face.  Your staff can actually get to know your clients by face and name and spend more time talking to them about the additional products and services your branch offers.

If You Build the Branch of the Future, They Will Come

The future is now, and Universal Associates and remote transactions are already being deployed in branches throughout the country.  Clients expect the latest in technology everywhere they go, and banking is no exception.  Cash automation integration at the core level, combined with a solution like CFM’s RTA, gives you the ability to provide service to all of your clients, regardless of where they are in the branch.

Increased Staff Confidence

When financial institutions implement cash automation that includes an integration solution, your staff becomes more confident in helping clients.  Staff no longer has to be concerned about balancing issues or inputting transactions correctly, giving them more time to discuss your products and discover any other client needs.

Why CFM for core integration? 

CFM offers more than just basic core integration.  We help financial institutions achieve true integration between their core platform and cash automation hardware with the only zero-footprint solution in the industry. CFM universally drives and manages ALL cash automation machines–providing true choice in hardware, full functionality, and real-time integration.  CFM’s integration solutions give you a high-level view of your cash automation operations so you can eliminate wasted recyclers/dispensers and maximize use.

Get in touch with CFM today to find out how we can help you create a WOW client experience.