This week’s episode of OmniTalk powered by NXTsoft is all about APIs! You hear about API (Application Programming Interface) a lot in the banking industry. They’ve become a buzz work in the world of Fintech, but many are uncertain of their function and how they fit into the bigger picture of banking. NXTsoft’s Chief Technology Officer and API expert, Will Blackburn, has been with NXTsoft since the beginning and oversees the development of this powerful technology. Will joins us to provide some insight into what APIs are, what their function is and how NXTsoft is utilizing them to create a world that is ultimately more connected, automated and more productive for their clients and their partners.

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Will Blackburn, Chief Technology Officer, NXTsoft – Mr. Blackburn is the Chief Technology Officer of NXTsoft. He oversees development of all of the company’s product divisions. Mr. Blackburn has created and developed the company’s flagship ThreatAdvice cybersecurity education, awareness and intelligence solution. He has developed and launched multiple applications throughout his career. Mr. Blackburn is a 2018 recipient of The Birmingham Business Journal’s Rising Star Award. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from The University of Alabama.

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Thanks for listening to this week’s episode of OmniTalk FI. Tune in two weeks from today to learn all about the importance of cybersecurity for banks and credit unions, and how NXTsoft’s vCISO solution can help alleviate any risks associated with a potential cyberattack. NXTsoft’s Director of vCISO, Starr Largin, joins us to discus this topic and more!

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