Imagine this scenario:

Michelle thought she had found a good service provider to handle her banking equipment maintenance for her branch network. At first, the service tech from a local company seemed like a good choice, but as the months wore on, it was clear they didn’t have her best interests at heart. The technician showed up late, they didn’t always fix the problem – and there were always extra charges on her bill. “I was treated as if the service company was doing me a favor by coming out and making repairs,” said Michelle. Sound familiar?

Here is a list of signs that it might be best to move on from your current provider and find a new one:

1. Your contract is up for renewal

Unfortunately, most service contracts are lengthy and can’t be canceled early without a large penalty. If you have a year or less left on yours, take that as a prime opportunity to shop around for a better provider and/or more competitive pricing. There are reputable service providers who will offer competitive prices – without any contracts.  Make sure and read carefully though. Some contracts require you to cancel within a certain window (90-days prior to renewal, 30-days, etc.) If you miss the window, you are automatically for another long period.

2. They’re not responsive

When something doesn’t work when needed, it becomes a state of emergency. If you can’t quickly get a live person on the phone, or it takes more than an hour for someone to return your call or email, you have a problem.

3. Your vendor balancing act is out of control

If you are struggling to keep track of who does what and when it might be time to evaluate an all-in-one service provider.  The idea of having a specialist to service each type of equipment is good in theory, but the number of vendors, phone numbers, technicians, invoices can quickly balloon into a huge management issue. Having to only make one call to fix problems makes your life that much simpler, and leaves room for the more important things on your plate.  Plus, it’s nice to know you can always ask the technician to check something else out while they are there.

4. Repairs are commonly taking longer than expected

Your equipment is a vital part of delivering great service to your clients.  If your service provider can’t fix it right the first time or constantly has to make several trips and get more equipment to complete a repair, it’s time to make a switch. It’s too important to go without working equipment.

5. Your invoices are filled with extra surcharges, parts charges, labor charges, & fuel charges galore

It might seem like you’re getting a good deal when the initial quote comes back really low, but if you are seeing a lot of extra charges on your final invoice, chances are it’s adding up to a lot more than you think. These extra charges are a sneaky way to inflate your bill and make it harder to know how much you’re actually paying. If you added it all up, you would probably find you are paying more when compared to other vendors. Step away from hidden and surprising costs and invest in someone that can give it to you straight.

6. They lack respect for you and your clients

Do not stand by your service provider if you are treated poorly. Your clients wouldn’t tolerate a rude teller, and you shouldn’t have to accept rude behavior either.  If you’re constantly dealing with a ‘get out of my way’ attitude, follow their lead and take your business elsewhere.

7. They don’t listen to you

If your service technician doesn’t listen to you, it can be frustrating.  A good service technician will listen to you and discuss the problem PRIOR to coming out for a repair. If you feel like you’re talking to a brick wall, consider it a sign to switch.  Find someone who cares.

8. You are unhappy

This one sounds simple but is often ignored.  If you are unhappy, there is obviously a problem. If there isn’t an easy solution to fix the relationship, take it as a sign it’s time to consider moving on.

9. Their prices are ridiculous

You may be willing to pay a bit more than the going rate if they do a good job, but you don’t want to walk away with the feeling of being ripped off. That’s not a feeling anyone enjoys, so consider that a sign to shop for alternatives.

10. Their prices keep increasing for no apparent reason

You have a right to understand the reason behind price increases. If you don’t like what you hear, it’s time to move on.

A final note: Don’t let fear be the reason for your decisions. There can be a happy ending in less time than you think.

Just ask Michelle from Desert Federal Credit Union about the great service she is getting from DBSI….“Paul, or Paulie as we call him, is a wonderful person and technician,” Michelle says. “He always arrives on time, gets the work done quickly, and makes us laugh.  We really appreciate the great job he does and that he is such a wonderful person to work with.”

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