The Story

Arvest, a $26 billion-asset bank with more than 230 branch locations was facing a costly dilemma. They had invested in more than 300 teller cash recyclers (TCRs) across their branch network but were struggling with being millions of dollars out of balance, going days behind on reconciliation, machines constantly freezing up, heavy IT support calls, and staff ready to give up on TCRs entirely.

While the benefits of recyclers were clear to Arvest, it was the integration (or lack thereof) with their teller application and banking core that was causing headaches. They had tried a middleware integration recommended by their hardware vendor but were disappointed with the results. The manual process of entering transactions was leading to big reconciliation issues. And, with no visibility into their devices, couldn’t troubleshoot effectively when machines would go down, causing longer wait times and frustrated customers in the branch.

When Kinective came highly recommended from consultants in the banking industry, Arvest jumped at the chance to see if this was the solution they had been looking for to end their TCR issues.

Spoiler alert. Kinective knocked it out of the park.



Additional features and benefits.

Optimize revenue opportunities using our enterprise-level data optimization platform OmniLytics. As well as CECL, Deposit Study, and Credit Stress Testing Analytics.


The rebirth of banking is now. And Kinective is at the vanguard of it.

Banking today doesn't deliver on modern expectations. Executives know they need to transform, but getting there is complex and filled with roadblocks.

Until now.

Kinective exists to solve banking's biggest challenges by providing the most open and connected platform to scale faster and allow banks and credit unions to focus on what really matters – providing the best client experience.

Our mission is simple: to deliver access to innovation in banking. Through connectivity with best-of-breed fintech solutions, we break down barriers, accelerate progress, and unlock new possibilities.



Your business systems 🤝IMM eSign

It’s a match made in Banking Heaven. See our expansive ecosystem here.



Transform your client experience, one receipt at a time.


Traditional receipt solutions have not been able to address electronic receipt signing in a drive-thru scenario. Now
with eReceipts Plus – the drive-thru consumer can be texted the receipt to their smartphone – review and sign the
receipt directly on their device – and return the completed receipt back to the teller.


The call center is a popular engagement channel for consumers to leverage when transactions need to be completed remotely. For those that require a signature on the transaction to complete, the embedded signature capture in eReceipts Plus offers a way to digitally complete the transaction during the original phone call.


Even for those consumers entering a branch or in-person environment can use their own personal device to sign
receipts without having to interact or come into contact with “publicly accessed” signature pads used by others
before them. In today’s “touch sensitive” environment, eReceipts Plus delivers yet one more advantage from our
patent-pending embedded signature capture technology.